Listen: Steven Tyler’s solo tune, ‘(It) Feels So Good’

05.11.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Steven Tyler has undoubtedly done his share of heavy breathing and now he”s sharing it with us on his first solo tune, “(It) Feels So Good,” a breezy, summer time tune.

He”ll premiere the video on “American Idol” on Thursday, May 12.

The tune is Aerosmith-lite with none of Joe Perry”s guitar bite, but the lyrics are vintage Tyler: a combo of lighthearted comments about his head being turned by a cutie with a twist: “My little kewpie was a real superfreak/By the time that I came down I”d been locked up in her room for a week…Your oh-la-la has done it to me good.” Tyler wrote the tune, which begins and ends with Tyler panting, with longtime Aerosmith collaborate Marti Frederikson.

The Aerosmith leader, who just released his autobiography, sounds great here, especially with the trademark yelps at the end, but the song could use a bit more punch.

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And now, it would appear that Tyler and Johnny Depp are working together. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star told “Extra”: “We”ve been hanging out here and there…He”s someone I”ve admired greatly or such a long time. the idea of writing songs with him is a dream come true.” 

Watch out Johnny, Keith Richards might get jealous.

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