Look: Missy Elliott reveals ‘Triple Threat’ cover art

09.13.12 5 years ago

Missy Elliott has got sports on her mind. Earlier this week, she released a snippet of “Ninth Inning.”  And now, she”s switched from baseball to basketball. She just revealed the cover to “Triple Threat,” another song on her forthcoming new album.

The cover features someone in a basketball jersey with her name emblazoned across the shoulders and the words, “Triple Threat” where the numbers would be. On the accompanying basketball are the words “feat. Timbaland.” The producer is also on “Ninth Inning.”

We”ll have to wait until Sept. 17 to hear the full songs. That”s when Elliott will host a Ustream listening session to play both songs in their entirety. She will also answer questions from fans about the new album. That sounds like when we”ll hear about a release date and album title.


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