Listen: Ludacris, David Guetta and Usher combine for banger ‘Rest of My Life’

11.01.12 5 years ago

Three mega-stars from dance, R&B and rap have combined for one damn uplifting single. Ludacris recruited Usher and David Guetta for “Rest of My Life,” a quiet-LOUD-quiet wave of “women, weed and alcohol,” extolling the virtues of the wilder side of life.

Despite the declarations, this thing is fairly tame for Ludacris, who leans hard on PG-13 hip-pop lyrics, letting Usher pump up the pre-chorus and giving Guetta the floor for all of the “chorus,” which is the sound of top 40 radio programmers (or is it singular, “programmer,” now?) positively losing it. The song goes up on iTunes tomorrow and goes wide for adds on Nov. 19, right before Thanksgiving.

This is Ludacris doing ore pop. Do you want the rest of the record to sound that way?

At this point, you may have forgotten which album to which I’m referring. That would be the oft-delayed “Ludaversal,” now due through DTP/Def Jam some time in 2013. It’s the third song from the effort to arrive, after “Jingalin” and “Representing” with Kelly Rowland. The latter — which is awesome — was only farmed out in late August, so I’m a little surprised they label is moving along.

“Ludaversal” is the follow-up to 2010’s misleadingly titled “Battle of the Sexes.”

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