‘Man of Steel’ success ‘opens the door’ for DC Comics team-up movies says Warner Bros.

06.17.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

Warner Bros. Pictures

You want more movies based on DC Comics characters? You’ve got ’em.

Following the colossal box-office success of Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel,” which set a June record over the weekend by grossing more than $128 million domestically (including $12 million from Thursday night shows), Warner Bros. president of production Dan Fellman tells the Wall Street Journal that the film’s massive box-office take will allow the studio to move forward with a whole host of other DC Comics films.

“It’s more than just a franchise for us, it really opens up the door to do combinations of the DC Comics characters,” said Fellman. “We can build them up like Marvel did and benefit from the history of DC.”

Most imminent of these films appears to be “Man of Steel 2,” which could see release as early as 2014, according to WSJ’s sources at the studio. Also in development is the long-awaited “Justice League” movie, which will feature a combination of characters including Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash who will team up a la Marvel’s blockbuster “The Avengers” from last summer. That film is looking at a possible release sometime in 2015.

“Man of Steel’s” huge launch is a godsend for the DC Comics cinematic universe, as outside of the “Dark Knight” trilogy no other recent DC superhero film  – including 2005’s “Superman Returns” and 2011’s “The Green Lantern” – has managed to match the success of Marvel-branded movies on the big-screen.

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