Marvel unveiled Spider-Woman’s costume overhaul and it is amazing


Marvel Entertainment

After 40 years of skin-tight, painted on latex, Jessica Drew is finally getting a costume upgrade. And from the looks of it, one designed by someone (Kris Anka) who”s actually been in the presence of a woman trying to do feats of agility while taking supervillains to school.

Debuting on USA Today, Spider-Woman”s new look will debut in the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game, before heading to comic book pages next March.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

While keeping the essence of Spider-Woman”s costume intact, the new duds swap out spandex for leather, and boob socks for built-in sports bra support. Gotta keep the girls under control while you”re parkouring the face off the likes of Carnage.

Other changes include the addition of leather gloves, swapping the face mask for more practical sunglasses that convert to a mask with the touch of a button, and retractable web gliders built into her suit jacket.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

When editor Nick Lowe took over the Spider-Man titles in February, the changes to Jessica Drew”s look were one of his top priorities. From USA Today:

As much as I'm a fan of spandex and it has its time and place, I felt Jess as a character could move away from that for a good long while…frankly I don't love the classic [costume].

According to Marvel, plans were well under way to update Spider-Woman”s look well ahead of the Milo Manara variant cover that rocked the comic world with controversy back in August.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

When the new Spider-Woman arc begins in March, Jessica Drew will show off both her new look and a new outlook. Instead of taking on planetary threats to humanity, she”ll be getting back to basics as a private eye trying to solve cases that just happen to involve a rogues gallery of supervillains.

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