Marvel apologizes for accidentally whitewashing LEGO Miss America

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Earlier this week, Marvel announced a brand-new game called LEGO MARVEL”S AVENGERS. But instead of the regular staple of heroes, fans were excited and surprised to find playable characters include Iron Stan, Sam Wilson as Captain America, and America Chavez as Miss America.

There was only one problem. Miss America didn”t look quite right. LEGO had whitewashed the Latin-American character completely.

Miss America: She”s beauty. She”s grace. She”ll punch casual racism in the face! Luckily though, she won”t have to. It didn”t take long for Marvel to see the error of their ways. Bill Rosemann – the creative director for Marvel Games – took to Twitter to apologize and correct the mistake.


One day, these “Whoops!” moments will stop happening. But until then, good on Marvel for at least acknowledging they messed up.

[Via The Mary Sue]

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