MTV’s VMAs going host-less this year

08.16.13 4 years ago

MTV’s VMAs going host-less this year
“For this year’s show, we’ve decided to go in a different direction than the traditional ‘host’ route – like we have done on multiple occasions throughout the years,” said an MTV spokesperson.

Kim Kardashian slams “fake media friend” Katie Couric
Couric recently dissed Kardashian in a magazine interview, prompting Kardashian to post a photo of the gift and nice note Couric gave her after giving birth.

How “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Cristina Yang changed TV

As Willa Paskin explains, “On another TV show, Yang’s combination of qualities-mercenary, scary, and extremely skilled-would have made her the lead character”s enemy, if not a whole litany of other clichés: the type-A Asian, the frigid ballbuster, the unlikeable shrew. Instead, Grey”s respected Cristina”s ambition and wit, laurelled her with humor, swag, and a sex drive, and made her the lead character”s best friend.”

Justin Guarini: “I’m nowhere near poverty”

After writing that he’s skipping meals, the former “Idol” star clarifies that he’s not impoverished.

Hillary Clinton admits she’s a “Downton Abbey” fan

Clinton revealed her “Downton” fandom on Twitter.

Stuntwoman gets paid $2,800 to reenact “Family Guy’s” “Epic Chicken Fight”
Check out a nearly shot-for-shot reenactment of the classic scene.

“Price is Right” contestant comes on down by crowd-surfing
Watch what the show is calling “he greatest come on down EVER.”

What it’s like to recap TV shows

It’s an unusual job that requires writing between primetime and sunrise.

MTV orders “Jerks With Cameras”

A team of “jerks” will be sent out on this “unhidden” camera prank show from the creator of “Jersey Shore.”

“The Following” adds Valerie Cruz

The “Homeland” alum will play Detective Mendez.

Watch “Revolution’s” Season 2 promo

The 2nd season debuts Sept. 25.

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