Music Power Rankings: Britney Spears reappears, Madonna falls

04.15.12 5 years ago


1) One Direction: The British boy band is so hot that they are taking the unprecedented step of putting their 2013 concert tickets on sale more than a year in advance.

2) Britney Spears: She reportedly accepts a $15 million deal to be a judge on Simon Cowell”s “The X Factor.” Looks like we have a new Material Girl.

3) Madonna: Speaking of, Madge, who topped last week’s list,  falls hard as sales for “MDNA” drop 88% in its first week, the highest decline ever. The good news is that years from now, people will only remember that the album came in at No. 1, not the cliff dive. #SuperBowldoesnotcoverallpromotionalneeds

4) Axl Rose: In perhaps the politest letter he”s ever written, the Guns N” Roses singer asks to not be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. And to please take him off the call list forever and ever.

5) Green Day: Pop punk band will release three albums in 2012.  Haven”t they heard that we live in a singles world now?

6) Coachella: The desert festival kicked off Friday night in its expanded version spread out over two weeks. Come rain or come shine.

7) Spotify: As the streaming service continues to gain traction in the U.S., co-founder Daniel Ek says 2012 revenue will exceed $889 million. That”s almost four times the 2011 revenue. We”ll see if it can move into the black as it lost $59 million last year. Maybe Instagram”s founders will buy the company. We”ve heard they came into some cash.

8) “American Idol”: Its luster may be fading slightly, but it”s not done yet: or at least not by a long shot over at iTunes where “American Idol Top 7 Season 11” hit No. 1 on Friday.

9) Justin Bieber: First single “Boyfriend” set record this week, now the Bieb breaks news that he and Taylor Swift have collaborated on a song for his forthcoming album, “Believe.” Just don”t date her, Justin, or you”ll be on her next album and it won”t be a duet.

10) Courtney Love:
Eager to keep her name in the news, Love hits a new low as she accuses Dave Grohl of hitting on her teenage daughter, Frances Cobain.  Someone is off her meds and we suspect, sadly, this will not be the last time Frances has to apologize for her mama.

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