Netflix orders ‘Grace and Frankie,’ a comedy starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin

03.19.14 3 years ago

Netflix orders “Grace and Frankie,” a comedy starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin
From “Friends” co-creator Martha Kauffman, “Grace and Frankie” focuses on two female rivals whose husbands fall in love and get married.

“Ellen” gets an Obama visit via satellite
The president will appear on Thursday”s show from the White House to promote health insurance.

“Glee” never looked so old with its 100th episode
Why last night”s episode was like visiting a home for the elderly. PLUS: “Glee's” 100th gets a 24% ratings bump from last week.

Seth Meyers” “Late Night” to reenact cut “SNL” sketches in “Second Chance Theater”
Meyers announced the new bit while discussing sketches that were cut with Jason Sudeikis, who spent 10 years with Meyers on “Saturday Night Live.” PLUS: “Late Night” recreates New Yorker cartoons.

“Game of Thrones” King Joffrey covers EW
He is the “King of Pain.”

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