New ‘Finding Dory’ plot details have Dory finding her family…meta



During the recent CCXP – Comic-Con Experience in Brazil, Pixar president Jim Morris dropped a few choice tidbits about the plot of the upcoming “Finding Dory” movie. The sequel will pick up about a year after the adventures of “Finding Nemo,” with the main cast settled into the 9-to-5 routine of tropical fish. Then, during a field trip to see the migration of “das mantas” (Google translates this as “the blankets” but probably manta rays or whales), Dory”s memory is triggered and she runs off to find her family, leaving Nemo and Marlin to chase after.

The original reporting site, Omelete, is in Portugese so the translations may be slightly off. But in essence, Morris said:

[“Finding Dory”] is mostly set in the Marine Biology Institute of California, a huge complex of rehabilitation [for] marine and aquarium life. Dory learns that [she] was born and raised [at the Institute], and released [back into] the ocean [while] still young.

Morris went on to list new characters such as an octopus, sea lion, and beluga whale who will all make their debut in the “Finding Nemo” sequel.

This information gels with what Pixar told journalists at D23 back in 2013, when they announced Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy would be joining the “Finding Dory” cast as Dory”s parents. Combined with the new plot details, it seems Dory will be headed for a family reunion of sorts…and perhaps solve the mystery of her short-term memory loss.

“Finding Dory” swims into theaters on June 17, 2016.

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