‘New Girl’ promotes Damon Wayans Jr. to series regular

05.05.14 3 years ago

“New Girl” promotes Damon Wayans Jr. to series regular
Coach will be back full-time in Season 4.

In defense of Leslie Jones' controversial “SNL” Weekend Update slavery monologue
Jones made a very good point about being black and beautiful, says Roxane Gay, who adds: “I have watched the clip several times now. Beyond the surface of the joke, I see pain. I see rage. I see a woman speaking her truth.” PLUS: Jones is guilty of not being funny, Jones' skit could”ve been brilliant, and the problem is it feels like the skit panders to a white audience at the expense of black people.

Ex-“Idol” champ Scott McCreery was the victim of a home invasion robbery
Police say three gunmen broke into McCreery”s home early this morning new North Carolina State University, where he is a student.

Mindy Kaling interviews Billy Crystal
What happened “When Harry met Mindy”?

Canadian newspaper advice columnist fooled by a “Breaking Bad”-inspired letter
A letter to columnist Miss Lonelyhearts began: “I”ve been happily married to my husband for 15 years; however, he was recently diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer…”

“Seinfeld” gets a Junior Mints Game, with a theme song from Vampire Weekend singer
The folks at @Seinfeld2000 got Ezra Koenig to sing “Seinfeld”s” famous bass line.

Luke Perry: “I think reality TV sucks for the most part”
“It's put so many writers out of business and put so many actors out of work that it's changed the face of entertainment,” says the former “Beverly Hills 90210” star. “As a guy who has grown up making his living making primetime television – get that reality s––– out of here and give more writers and actors a chance to make shows that people will watch.”

Brands use Twitter to tie themselves to hit shows like “Game of Thrones”
Bud Light has name-dropped Arya, while Tim Hortons has unveiled “GoT”-themed dragon egg donuts.

Don”t expect Seth Meyers to host “SNL” anytime soon
“I would like to put that a little bit farther in the future, mostly because I don”t think I”d be very good at it,” says Meyers of possibly hosting “Saturday Night Live.” “It would be a thing I wouldn”t be able to say no to. Like (Andy) Samberg will be great when he does it for the season finale – that”s a no-brainer. It”s a some-brainer for me.” PLUS: Donald Trump slams Meyers” “stumbling & mumbling” interviewing skills.

“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter”s mom reaches agreement in guardianship case
The 16-year-old actress will continue to live with her sister.

How this week”s “Game of Thrones” debunked accusations of rampant misogyny
Last night”s episode flipped the misogynist comments on its head. PLUS: Last night was an ode to the women of Westeros, and “Hodor” recounts his big scene.

Mike Judge says shooting last night”s “Silicon Valley” was “awful and tragic. A bummer on many levels”
Judge says following the death of Christopher Evan Welch, he and his writers decided not to replace him. Instead, they wrote around him. “There are scenes that he would have been in where there are now allusions to his being elsewhere,” says co-exec producer Alec Berg.

“The Tomorrow People” optimistic about a Season 2
Exec producer Phil Klemmer talks about tonight”s finale and what to expect if the CW series is renewed.

CW orders web series “Park Rangers” and “Whose Line is it Minis”
“Park Rangers” follows two aspiring park rangers in Griffith Park, while “Minis” condenses  “Whose Line is it Anyway?” episodes down to two minutes.

“Saved by the Bell”s” Lark Voorhies looks very different
Did she have a makeup malfunction?

Tom Bergeron has maintained his friendship with Brooke Burke-Charvet
In fact, the “Dancing with the Stars” host is having dinner with his former co-host this week.

Why “The Big Bang Theory” is TV”s No. 1 show
Its use of an apartment setting, real chains and Chuck Lorre are among the reasons why so many people flock to CBS on Thursdays at 8. PLUS: Jim Parsons says “Big Bang” is so successful because nobody changes.

New PBS Digital shows include “Frankenstein M.D.” and “Pancake Mountain”
PBS has also ordered “Bongo Bongo” and “Food Buzz” as web series.

“Mad Men” vs. “2001: A Space Odyssey”
Last night”s episode contained many allusions to the Stanley Kubrick film.

“America”s Got Talent” stars wear suits for their first trailer of the season
NBC is promising the “most mind-blowing season.”

“SNL” posts another cut sketch
Check out Bobby Moynihan as “Janet” with Andrew Garfield. PLUS: Moynihan talks about his “SNL” spaghetti-eating ritual.

MTV teases the return of “Catfish”
Watch a preview of the Season 3 premiere.

Jimmy Kimmel has his own wine
Check out the “Kimmel Wine” bottle that was sent to Howard Stern.

Stephen King: “The Americans,” “Breaking Bad” and “Sons of Anarchy” have put the movies to shame
King tweeted over the weekend: “After watching THE AMERICANS, SOA, and BREAKING BAD, I have to say most movies are starting to look old-fashioned and way behind the curve.”

“Don”t Trust the B” star Dreama Walker joins Amazon pilot “Cocked”
She”ll play Sam Trammell”s illegitimate daughter. PLUS: “Masters of Sex” adds Jocko Sims.

“Homeland” next season will be “mostly a Carrie story”
Showrunner Alex Gansa says, though: “Saul figures into the narrative in a very, very important way.”

Check out The WB””s unaired 2001 pilot “Electra-Woman and Dyna Girl”
The remake of the 1970s superhero show starring Markie Posdt came amid “Buffy” mania.

Rick Grimes & Walter White stage an “Epic Rap Battle”
Watch the two AMC anti-heroes have a hip-hop face-off.

“Full House” gets the horror trailer treatment
Watch the creepy Danny Tanner.

See new pics of Simon Cowell”s son Eric
Cowell tweeted: “Very handsome like his dad.”

“Louie” feels amazingly confident in Season 4
“Every line and shot and cut keenly judged,” says Matt Zoller Seitz, “every segment exactly the right length, every shift in tone expertly navigated. A lot of its surety might come from its creator realizing that he's been doing this for several years now and it's not new to us anymore. He doesn't have to hold our hands and ease us into anything. He can just do it.” PLUS: Did “Girls” inspire one of tonight”s episodes?, “Louie” isn”t a sitcom, drama or dramedy, and FX was smart to air 2 shows a week this season.

“24” hasn”t changed much, for better or worse
Sure, there is a new setting, half its normal 24 episodes and a new storyline involving drones and anti-surveillance groups. But everything else is the same: “If you want a 24 very much like the show that went off the air in 2010,” says James Poniewozik, “it will please you; if you”ve forgotten much about the show in the intervening four years, it might surprise you. Otherwise, 24 is very much 24, even if this one only adds up to 12.” PLUS: “Live Another Day” does a good job of trying to figure out where Jack Bauer belongs in this political era, it”s always good to see an old friend, 24 questions answered, Mary Lynn Rajskub on Chloe”s new role, and “24” now resembles its copycats like “Hostages” and “The Following.”

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