New ‘Hunger Games’ portrait finally focuses on the series’ most important love story

05.13.15 3 years ago

Like many of the YA novels recently turned into film franchises, “The Hunger Games” has Katniss stuck in the middle of a love triangle. Sure, she”s fighting for her life in a elaborate game designed to amuse the wealthy and cow the poor, but WHO WILL SHE KISS?!

There”s always been a love story in “The Hunger Games,” but it doesn”t involve the ‘Team Peeta” or ‘Team Gale”* hashtags.

*To show how one-sided this love triangle is, I literally just sat in stunned silence for a moment trying to recall Gale”s name. And I”ve read all the books AND seen all the films.

The ACTUAL love story is between Katniss Everdeen and her sister, Primrose. It”s Prim that Katniss is trying to save when she volunteers as tribute. It”s Prim she thinks about when she”s in the throes of the Games. It”s Prim she wants to keep safe in District 13. It”s Prim she breaks the rules for in order to sneak in a cat she loathes. In return, Prim shows her love for her sister and desire to help in the battles to come in ways I won”t say because SPOILERS.

And now, Vanity Fair has a poster from the 2015 Cannes Film Festival to commemorate their love.

The poster is part of “Tim Palen: Photographs from ‘The Hunger Games””, a coffee table book you can pre-order from

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