Nick Jonas and Kiele Sanchez to star in a DirecTV MMA drama series

02.13.14 4 years ago

Nick Jonas and Kiele Sanchez to star in a DirecTV MMA drama series

“Navy St.” will be set at an MMA gym in Venice Beach, with Jonas playing the son of the owner who gets a UFC contract. Sanchez will play his dad’s girlfriend.

A Jimmy Fallon “Tonight” test show audience member tells all
Expect jokes about Leno, Letterman and wood. PLUS: Fallon’s “Tonight” app is now available on iTunes.

Letterman is countering Fallon’s debut with Kevin Spacey, Kimmel has J.Lo

Meanwhile, “Conan” is taking Monday night off, returning Tuesday.

Jimmy Fallon accused of theft for moving “The Tonight Show” out of California
Fallon, says Joe Matthews is now an “enemy of the state.” He says “The Tonight Show” offered Californians a national platform, especially through bits like “Jaywalking.” He adds: “Neither Conan O”Brien”s nor Jimmy Kimmel”s late-night shows has big-enough audiences to replace the impact of Leno.”

“Modern Family” cast, producer and ABC’s boss may have to testify in Ariel Winter case

Winter’s mom wants 83 witnesses to testify, including the entire “Modern Family” cast and crew.

As Seth Meyers’ bandleader, Fred Armisen wrote his “Late Night” theme song

“Can’t wait til you hear it,” tweeted Meyers’ producer. PLUS: Learn all about Meyers’ 8G band.

“Once Upon a Time” casts Glinda the Good Witch

She’ll be played by Sunny Mabrey.

“Big Bang Theory” producer opens up about last week’s big kiss
Here’s how the script described it: “Sheldon leans in and puts his lips on hers and after a few moments, it melts into a real kiss, the kind of kiss that mommies and daddies do.” PLUS: Here’s another old photo of Mayim Bialik & Jennifer Aniston.

Conan producing a TBS pilot starring his warm-up man Jimmy Pardo
Pardo will host “The Weekly Awards,” in which the comedian will go to big events and hand out awards.

Sid Caesar: An appreciation
Milton Berle was called Mr. Television, as Robert Lloyd points out. But it was Caeser who “helped shape TV comedy, even as TV, with its new technical demands and advantages, shaped his work.” PLUS: In person, Caesar could be so unassuming, and watch Caesar’s 5 funniest moments.

The makers of “The LEGO Movie” were also responsible for MTV’s “Clone High”
That’s why the 2003 MTV animated series still holds up.

“Veronica Mars” fans sell out special fan screenings
More showtimes are being added to accommodate the demand. PLUS: See “Veronica’s” EW gallery.

James Van Der Beek is proud to be a “character actor trapped in a leading man”s body”
When an agent told him that, he says it was the “highest compliment of all, because those are the guys I love watching.”

“The Bold and the Beautiful” reruns will air on TV Guide Network hours after their CBS airing
The encores start Monday at 6:30 pm ET.

“Dancing’s” Cheryl Burke and “Cougar Town’s” Josh Hopkins are an item

Us Weekly reports that their relationship is a few weeks old.

Watch the insane new “Real Housewives of New York” opening credits
Watch what has become a self-parody.

It’s a “Buffy” reunion on the “The Crazy Ones” set
Michelle Trachtenberg and Seth Green decided to pay a visit to Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Why “Family Guy” is terrible at comedic cutaways
Seth MacFarlane’s comedy is famous for its cutaways, but other comedies like “30 Rock” and “Arrested Development” have used the device to greater hilarious effect.

Check out some 1994 “Real World: San Francisco” pics

Judd Winick tweeted some behind-the-scenes photos.

Watch the “Brady Bunch” cast reunite on “The Talk” for Florence Henderson’s 80th birthday

Everybody’s over 50 now and Bobby is balding.

“Bachelor” contestant comes to Juan Pablo’s defense

“He’s a class act. I feel bad for the criticism,” says Renne Oteri, who’s also a single parent.

Nathan Fielder may be done with Dumb Starbucks

Reps for the Comedy Central star said they don’t plan to apply for the proper health permits to legally reopen the parody store.

“The Waltons” patriarch Ralph Waite dies at 85

Waite appeared on the CBS drama for nine seasons, and also had roles on “NYPD Blue” and “Roots.”

In Season 2, “House of Cards” embraces its ridiculousness
Kevin Spacey’s performance as Frank Underwood feels campier and funnier this season, says Willa Paskin, like  he’s doing it on purpose. “Upon its return,” she adds, “‘House of Cards’ feels like it has embraced its crazy, tilting toward Scandal instead of premium cable.” PLUS: “House of Cards” returns darker than ever, it’s still an empty show, “House of Cards” is better off without lofty expectations, is “House of Cards” actually TV?, creator Beau Williamson vows to use up all the great ideas through the season, 9 burning questions that need to be answered, President Walker speaks, and Kate Mara poses for GQ.

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