Paul McCartney reveals new details about new album, including guest stars

12.19.11 6 years ago

So it looks like there”s more to the story on Paul McCartney”s new album coming Feb. 7.

Last week we reported that Macca will release a newly-recorded set of  classic love songs from the 1920s- 1940s. Now more details are surfacing: The Beatle’s still-untitled album will feature guest appearances from Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder.

We don”t know if the “still-untitled” part means that the report that the set will be called “My Valentine” were wrong or just premature. Regardless, the track “My Valentine” is available for streaming for 24 hours via to premium members. It costs $50 to be a premium member, so you won”t be hearing our thoughts on the song here.

As we previously reported, veteran producer Tommy LiPuma produced the collection, but it turns out he had help from Diana Krall, who co-produced, and provided her band to support McCartney as well.

McCartney certainly knows how to give good quote: Doesn”t this make you want to hear the album?  McCartney says if he didn”t do this album now, “I”ll never do it,” then he invokes the name that will get everyone to want to hear it. This album is about “the songs me and John based quite a few of our things on.”  The project also includes two new McCartney songs, ” the aforementioned My Valentine” and “Only Our Hearts,” crafted in the spirit of the older material.

There”s no track listing yet (other than original compositions), but given that McCartney name checks brilliant writers like Harold Arlen and Cole Porter in the press release, we can probably expect a few from them, although McCartney says that he stayed away from the obvious songs.

A few other tidbits: McCartney plays no instrument on the album, he only sings. Plus, the album was recorded in Los Angeles, New York and London.

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