Peter Capaldi gives 6-year-old advice on getting a job on ‘Doctor Who’

06.24.16 1 year ago

Peter Capaldi's Doctor is a lovable curmudgeon. Luckily the Doctor Who star in real life is just plain lovable as a new video of him giving job advice to a young fan proves. Did I mention the little fan is wearing a fez?

Zap2It spotted the video the child's mom (?) Ashley Rasmussen posted after they attended Dallas Comic Con recently. After overcoming some nerves, the young fan says, “When I grow up I want to be a part of Doctor Who. What should I do to get there?” Watch how Capaldi responded.

“Well you”re doing the right thing by coming here,” Capaldi answered. “You”ve got to be nice to your mum. You”ve got to be kind to people. You”ve got to work hard, and make the very best of the gifts that you have, of your talents, and take them out into the world. If you work hard, if you”re kind, and you”re lucky, that will all be recognized.”

But Capaldi didn't end with good advice for anyone seeking a job, he got more specific too. “If you write to the BBC and say ‘I love Doctor Who, I”d love to work on it,” and then we'll put that letter in a file somewhere, and when you”re old enough they may want to see you and talk to you about it.”

“But the important thing is to have that ambition, to want to do that,” he continued in earnest. “Because if you want to do something like that, it means that you”re a clever, and a bright, and a creative person. And that”s the most important thing to take forward, to take forward that belief in yourself, and a belief of how valuable it is to bring creativity into the world. So you'll do fine.”

Excuse me for a moment.

Don't forget, Capaldi himself was a big Doctor Who fan growing up and he's got the embarrassing stories to prove it.

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