Recap: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ – ‘Playing with Monsters’

09.24.14 3 years ago


“I”m not afraid of the monsters, monsters are my friends.” 

You can say that again, Gemma. If you haven”t caught up on Tuesday night”s episode of “Sons of Anarchy” then pop in those Skankenstein films and dust off those white sneakers because there are monster-sized spoilers below. 

In case you haven”t caught on, “Playing with Monsters” was rife with the aforementioned creatures. From the opening scene, in which Lyla directed that cheesy porn (Red Woody”s first production, apparently), to Gemma reading a monster book to Abel, the theme was punctuated throughout the episode. Even Jax-still hell bent on destroying Lin-dealt with the gang leaders, monsters by their own rights, and pitted clubs against clubs in a bid to take down the house. 

But let”s back up a bit, shall we?

After the messy hit the Sons orchestrated last week, Black and Chinese were both scrambling to find four kilos of missing drugs. Lin”s people were assured there was no Sons involvement, but revealed that only one body had been recovered. The evidence that one of the “local muscles” was actually Jury”s son continues to build, and we”re to assume that he took the body along with the gun that he pocketed. If Jury needed more evidence that Jax and co. were behind the hit, he got it when Bobby made that phone call. Odds are when Jury told Bobby to give “his regards” to Jax it was a warning. A son for a son? Next week”s episode is titled “Poor Little Lambs” so it certainly sounds as though Abel and Thomas factor into it all.

Lin wasn”t the only one concerned about the hit, of course. Marks showed up spouting more advice to “Jackson,” and warned him that he had “no remorse” about killing any of the Sons. Apparently August hasn”t clued into the fact that Jax has no remorse either, and he wasn”t much interested in being threatened. If the Niners stick with their promise, it looks as though Marks could soon join his former friend Pope in the gutter. Or that forest grave, if it isn”t full by now. 

It always frustrates me how easily Jax convinces people to side with him after an impassioned speech or two, but at least in this case he was bribing crews with drugs, guns and problem-solving skills to make it all a bit more believable. But man, if these people just talked to each other once in a while. Perhaps Nero would stop having to be pulled into all of these messes. Although to be fair, I sort of enjoyed badass Nero in Tuesday”s episode. Between sticking up for Gemma and going all Rambo he had plenty of action.

Speaking of Gemma, she continued to prove just how crazy she has become, talking to dead Tara about how things worked out “the way they were supposed to,” standing up for Sandy and trying to get Juice out of town. She was also forced to deal with Abel”s questions about whether his dad is a “bad man” thanks to the Sandy spectacle, proving that the kids are way more into all of this than we assume. No sweetie, your daddy isn”t a bad man. He just kills random people whenever he feels like it by putting bullets into the back of their heads, stabbing them with carving forks or beating them to a bloody pulp. But it”s all in the name of your mommy, darling. 

On the “good” side of things, it”s disappointing to see another crooked Sheriff heading up Charming (mostly because I miss Roosevelt”s early days, but also because there seems to be a lot of death without any crime scenes). I”d like to think Jarry is playing the Sons by getting close to them, but is actually gathering information. Until then, her “profitable relationship” with Chibs is entertaining, mostly because it plays to a side of that character we haven”t really seen before. If you caught the guy”s face during the Skankenstein shoot, you can tell it”s a side he sort of needs to explore. 

Jax will need to go there at some point too for character consistency (if there”s any left at this point-it”s hard to tell). We”ve seen the SAMCRO leader use sex as a release in the past, and I”m still convinced he”s going to go there with Wendy. We finally saw her side of it all when Wendy had her heart-to-heart with Brooke about Rat Boy and love. The seed that Wendy still loves Jax was planted, which brings us one step closer to those two reconnecting. Unless of course Jax finds out that Wendy has been helping Juice alongside Unser and Gemma. Then I wouldn”t put it past him to have another body on his hands. At this point, the body count is too high to even count; what”s one more?

More Anarchy:

*** The old Bobby resurfaced long enough to tell Jax they could slow it down, but that was as close to a moral conscious as we saw Tuesday night. 

*** I didn”t want to spend a whole paragraph on the Juice/Chibs reunion, because it pretty much solidified what we already knew: Juice has no identity without the Sons and there”s no way they”re taking him back. I”m not sure where else we can go with that storyline. 

*** I would like to know how many pairs of sneakers Jax has at this point. They”re way too white for all of the killing sprees the Sons have embarked on this season.

*** Gemma signing Chucky up to grab Abel up from school means we”re one step closer to Courtney Love.

“The streets are still a little complicated, but we”re gonna get through it.” Nero explaining Gemma”s mess to Gemma. Famous last words, I suppose.

Were you disappointed in Jarry”s direction? Are you rooting for her and Chibs? Think Wendy and Jax will get it on? Have you pre-ordered your copy of Skankenstein? Sound off below. 

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. 

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