Report: Jillian Michaels wants to quit ‘The Biggest Loser’ over its poor treatment of contestants

04.07.14 3 years ago

Report: Jillian Michaels wants to quit “The Biggest Loser” over its poor treatment of contestants
“She is deeply concerned about the direction the show has been taking,” a source tells People magazine. “She is turned off by the mean-spirited story lines and poor care of the contestants.”

Coming to NBC: “NBC”s Epic Funnies”
The “America”s Funniest Home Videos”-esque clip show will take funny online clips and put them on TV.

Ashley Tisdale & George Wendt team for TBS barbershop sitcom
The untitled comedy from the creators of “Will & Grace” will have Tisdale playing a barber and the former “Cheers” star taking on the role as the barbershop”s former owner.

NBC Universal boss confident Fallon will beat Letterman”s replacement – and it won”t be Leno or Tina Fey
Steve Burke says Fey seems happy making TV shows and movies for NBC Universal, while Jay Leno is on the verge of signing a deal to do occasional specials.

Is “Game of Thrones” a “chick show”?
“Think about it,” says Amanda Marcotte. “Nearly all the plots set in motion in (the Season 4 premiere) are the stuff of traditionally feminine narratives. Marital troubles, sexual jealousy, ungrateful children, and, of course, the intricacies of wedding planning. It's All My Children, just with more amputated limbs.” PLUS: Ranking the women from the season premiere, more questions answered from the premiere, a chart shows how the show lines up with the books, the 6-foot-6 The Hound talks about working with Maisie Williams, and meet the inventor of the Dothraki and Valyrian languages.

Jimmy Fallon is being touted for bashing both Democrats and Republicans
Is he the most centrist late-night host?

Doctor sues claiming he was assaulted by “Bar Rescue” host
Dr. Paul Wilkes claims he was asked by the show”s production company to hit on Jon Taffer”s wife, which resulted in him getting beat up by the Spike TV host.

Why Chelsea Handler is the wrong choice for CBS
The E! star shtick doesn't have mainstream appeal.

“Shameless” boss explains why he kept the cast in the dark
That season finale scene was shot separately from the entire cast.

“Silicon Valley” is an upscale “Big Bang Theory” – and a wasted opportunity
“Instead of pulling back the curtain on startup hype and eviscerating empty techie values, 'Silicon Valley' is an upscale 'Big Bang Theory' that gets its laughs from a mural of a Pakistani guy penetrating the Statue of Liberty,” argues David Auerbach, a former Google employee. PLUS: How “Silicon Valley” got those tech cameos and nailed tech culture, and “Silicon Valley” does have a women problem.

“Battlestar Galactica” rebooted movie will have nothing to do with the Syfy series
Ron Moore isn”t even involved, though original series creator Glen Larson is producing the film.

“Full House”s” Bob Saget picks his favorite TV dads
Ted Mosby isn't one of them.

Confessions of a Louis CK hater
Jonathan Heaf calls the “Louie” star a “sociopath with a microphone. The man is just not funny.”

“Dollhouse”s” Enver Gjokaj lands on “Rizzoli & Isles”
He”ll play a professor over the course of three episodes.

“The Simpsons” honors Minecraft
Watch a creepy, animated version of the Springfield family.

Vice presidents are all the rage on TV
From “Veep” to “House of Cards” to “Scandal,” VPs are taking over the small screen.

Man sues BET after getting shot at the cable network”s BET Awards after-party
Antwon Black claims BET and Viacom should be blamed for the poor security.

Ranking TV shows with “house” in the title
No. 1: “House of Cards.”

Nicole Eggert”s 15-year-old daughter doesn”t want to watch “Charles in Charge”
“She's really not that interested in it,” says Eggert, who”s now 42..” Maybe it's weird for her, I don't know. But she never watches them.”

Cheryl Burke dropped 15 pounds before this “Dancing” season
“(I) tried every diet you could think of,” she says of striving to lose weight after she was dubbed fat by “Internet trolls” six years ago.

Which late-night host is the best-dressed?
Jimmy Fallon wears Ralph Lauren suits, Jimmy Kimmel wears black Nike socks.

“West Wing” VP Gary Cole hasn”t offered advice to the “Veep”
Cole talks about his role on the HBO series. PLUS: What it”s like being Jonah.

The 8 stages of watching a new TV show
From resistance to acceptance.

Watch a preview of “Devious Maids” Season 2
The Lifetime series returns April 20.

See the 1st episode of James Cameron”s Showtime doc series “Years of Living Dangerously”
The documentary series features reports from Harrison Ford, Matt Damon, Olivia Munn, Jessica Alba and Don Cheadle.

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