Does a reasonable Trump supporter exist? Samantha Bee tries to find out

03.15.16 2 years ago

On this week's Full Frontal, Samantha Bee sat down with some Trump fans, hoping to find out why people who aren't the sucker-punching, racism-spewing, Holocaust-invoking nasties we see on the news stand behind the “Casino Mussolini,” as Bee described him in an earlier segment.

“There had to be more to Trump supporters than what we see on TV,” Bee said.

So she gathered 10 young Trump “diehards” together for a “totally judgement-free conversation,” which, if they believed that would happen, shows we're already dealing with people who aren't very smart. Or at least, who have never watched one of Bee's interviews from her current show or her decade-plus on The Daily Show.

She also promised they'd get a party at the end.

The panel had a surprising amount of diversity. At least, the men were. All four of the women sitting on it were white and blonde. 

Oh, and there was also a fantastic The Birds reference.

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