Samsung trained Ellen on taking a selfie after negotiating to have its smartphone ‘integrated’ into the Oscars

03.03.14 4 years ago

Samsung trained Ellen on taking a selfie after negotiating to have its smartphone “integrated” into the Oscars
The Wall Street Journal reports that it was Ellen DeGeneres” idea to take a selfie, and it was ABC who thought it should be done on a smartphone from Oscar sponsor Samsung. So last week, officials from Samsung, which paid $20 million for Oscar ads, trained Ellen on using the Samsung Galaxy to take a selfie. PLUS: Bradley Cooper may own the copyright on the selfie, ranking the celebrities in that selfie, and was this a game-changer for product placement?

Oscar producers wanted to hire an actor to play the pizza delivery guy
The producers are revealing secrets from last night”s broadcast, including that Ellen protested when they suggested that an actor be hired to deliver the pizza Says producer Craig Zadan: “We said that the FBI would have to do a background check. She said, 'I don”t care. I want it to be real. I want this guy to walk in and not know he's going to the Academy Awards.'”

Coca-Cola celebrates its free Oscar publicity via its logo on pizza boxes (Pepsi was the official sponsor)
“Big Mama's and Pappa's Pizzeria getting a thank-you note tomorrow,” tweeted Coke”s vice president of marketing, after getting the free plug.

Ellen”s selfie was a victory for TV, not Twitter
As Sam Biddle points out, “We were already tuned in-we already agreed to care about these people. We were Ellen's, not Twitter's, putty in the hands of ABC and not (Twitter co-founder) Jack Dorsey. Really, convincing millions of Oscar-watchers to spread that  selfie was about as much of an accomplishment as getting the stars to accept a statuette.”

Neil Patrick Harris criticizes Ellen”s Oscar pizza bit
“That bit went on for a while didn't it?” he tells “ET. “The pizza bit  went on for a while … I
won't lie to you about that. I was like, where you going with the pizza babe?”

“True Detective” creator: We”re not trying to trick you – no surprise ending next week
“I”ve enjoyed reading people theorize about what”s going to happen because it”s a sign that you”re connecting,” says Nic Pizzolatto. “But I”m also sort of surprised by how far afield they”re getting. Like, why do you think we”re tricking you? It”s because you”ve been abused as an audience for more than 20 years. I cannot think of anything more insulting as an audience than to go through eight weeks, eight hours with these people, and then to be told it was a lie-that what you were seeing wasn”t really what was happening. The show”s not trying to outsmart you.” PLUS: How last night”s ending came about, see an infographic for every character, how does Matthew McConaughey feel about the show so far?, 14 strange visual clues, and it seems there are more tricks up “True Detective's” sleeve.

Stana Katic is glad “Castle” is plunging tonight into dark new territory
“The show always kind of lies somewhere in between comedy and drama,” she says, “and being that this is as dark as the show can go, it was extraordinary to do that dance with some of the core group….”

“Veronica Mars” theme song “We Used to Be Friends” reimagined
The Dandy Warhols song now has a mature, soulful re-imagining.

More about “The Daily Show” newbie Jordan Klepper
Get to know the comedian replacing John Oliver.

A “Glee” baby!?
“We”re trying to conceive a child,” Jayma Mays says of Will and Emma.

Food Network taps Bill Rancic to host “Kitchen Casino”
“The Apprentice” and “Giuliana and Bill” star will helm a show that combines casino games and cooking.

Step inside a virtual reality re-creation of “Seinfeld's” apartment
A special headset will allow you to walk around Jerry”s apartment.

“Bates Motel” goes there, and 2 other reasons to watch
The A&E drama, which returns tonight for Season 2, is “a deliciously odd show,” says Richard Lawson, that isn”t afraid to portray Norma”s “vague incestuous codependency. “I”ll say this for the show”s most troubling undertones: they”re a real mark of bravery,” he says. PLUS: Season 2 will be “super-intense.”

South Carolina newspaper tries to spoof Bravo”s “Southern Charm” reality show
The State has created “Southern Charm Bingo” to celebrate the Southern stereotypes on tonight's premiere.

Cheryl Burke: I had a tough time dealing with Brooke Burke-Charvet”s exit
“It's like your brother or your sister leaving,”  the longtime “Dancing” pro says. “It was hard for me to take it all in. It still is, a little bit.”

“Treme”s” Rob Brown lands on NBC”s “Salvation” as Ashley Judd”s adopted son
He”ll co-star in the drama about a Texas megachurch.

Washington pizza restaurant deluged with “American Idol” calls
For some reason, calls were routed through Gordy's Pizza & Pasta last week.

Watch a comedian do 33 impressions from “The Simpsons” in 5 minutes
From Homer to Krusty and more.

“SNL”s” Sasheer Zamata becomes Peggy Olson
Check her out in “Black Mad Men.”

The Roots get their own “Tonight Show” web series
See the debut of “Ask The Roots.”

“The Cosby Show” is coming to DVD, uncut
Season 1 will be released at the original network length, which is 2 to 3 minutes longer.

A&E”s “Those Who Kill” is yet another torture-filled murder show
Chloe Sevigny and James D”Arcy star in what has become a new golden age of TV torture, joining “The Bridge,” “The Fall,” “The Following,” “Hannibal” and “Bates Motel.” “'Those Who Kill' is going to have to try a little harder than crudely smearing lipstick on a framed portrait if it wants to distinguish itself in this distressingly over saturated field,” says Margaret Lyons. PLUS: Women deserve better than murder and mayhem shows, “Those Who Kills” squanders its talented cast, the big problem is its lack of humor, and Chloe Sevigny talks about her return to TV.

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