Saoirse Ronan says she isn’t ‘confirmed’ to star in ‘The Hobbit’

03.29.11 7 years ago

Casting rumors tend to have a life of their own, but many times there is a reason they are “rumors” and not news.  Many times the actor or actress in question is being considered for a role or is undecided about it themselves or, as is most often the case, in negotiations for a role, but hasn’t signed on the dotted line (although ironically, most actors don’t even sign the contract for their role till they are deep into filming or after the picture has wrapped).  One noteworthy actress that is currently dealing with the rumor mill is the immensely talented Saoirse Ronan.

An Oscar nominee for her work in “Atonement,” reports say that Ronan will reunite with her “Lovely Bones” director Peter Jackson to play the elf Itaril in “The Hobbit.”  Jackson’s return to Middle Earth has already begun filming, but with a year-long shoot schedule Ronan has more than enough time to film the supporting role.  HitFix spoke to the 16-year-old while she promoted her new thriller “Hanna.”  You can watch Ronan’s thoughts embedded in this post.

“That is a question that I ask myself because a lot of people have been saying that to me,” Ronan says regarding “The Hobbit” buzz. “But nothing is confirmed or anything.”

I asked if they had talked to Ronan about the role and she got a bit cagey.

“Well, I know they are introducing new characters in the film,” Ronan notes.  “And if they ask me to play a part I’d jump at the chance.  I’d love to work with him again.  It would be great to work on ‘The Hobbit.’  Everyone is so excited about it.”

So, read into that what you will.  Not a “no.”  Not a “yes.” 

Look for more from Ronan and her fantastic work in “Hanna” soon on HitFix.

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