‘Seinfeld’ seems as different from anything on the air today as it did 25 years ago

07.03.14 3 years ago


“Seinfeld” seems as different from anything on the air today as it did 25 years ago
A quarter-century after the premiere of “The Seinfeld Chronicles” on July 5, 1989, there”s still been nothing like it on TV – though, there have been many imitators, notes James Poniewozik. “The show exists outside generations and time,” he says, adding: “It has a comedian”s purity of focus on the sanctity of the joke above all–above sentiment, ‘relatability,” larger social meaning–that still feels bracingly we-don”t-give-a-damn. PLUS: “Seinfeld”s” genius wasn”t apparent until the end of the 13-episode 2nd season, “Seinfeld” blazed the trail for sophisticated sitcoms, celebrating Elaine”s fashion, celebrating Elaine”s awkward dance, meet the writer behind “Double-Dipping” and “Yada Yada Yada,” “Seinfeld”s” 10 best side men, “Seinfeld”s” 25 greatest contributions to the English language, Carol Leifer explains why Larry David won”t use an iPhone, the 20 best sports moments, Jerry Seinfeld”s favorite sitcom is “Mary Tyler Moore,” everything you didn”t know about your favorite “Seinfeld” episodes, and Mariska Hargitay and Jeremy Piven are among the celebrity guest stars who appeared on “Seinfeld” before they were famous.

“Gold Rush” star dies
James Harness, 57, died one week after suffering a stroke.

Maybe Chris Colfer should”ve left “Glee”
The hacker who tweeted his departure maybe was on to something – Colfer would be better off leaving a show that”s a lame duck. PLUS: How would Ryan Murphy have killed off Kurt Hummel?

Jay Leno weighs in on Stephen Colbert taking over “The Late Show”
“I like Stephen Colbert a lot,” says the former “Tonight Show” host. “I like the silliness of his character and I think he will incorporate a lot of that into his show. I think he'll be Stephen Colbert and occasionally go into the character when needed. I think he'll be terrific.”

CeeLo Green: I left “The Voice” because “it became a job”
“It easily and quickly became a job,” Green tells Us Weekly. “Very, very obligating… Taxing and tiring… I still tip my hat to Adam and Blake and those guys who continuously do it, but I think I ran my course there just naturally.”

Discovery Channel to pay tribute to Louis Zamperini
The WWII veteran, who died this week at age 97, was the subject of a Shark Week documentary “Adrift: 47 Days With Sharks” in 2012. That documentary will re-air on Sunday.

Jimmy Fallon is still going strong, Seth Meyers is beating Letterman in the demo
Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel had his best quarter to date.

Is Tori Spelling the real-life version of “The Comeback”?
Her new “Mystery Girls” comedy is something Valerie Cherish would do.

Iranian”s “Modern Family” knockoff, explained
“Haft Sang” debuted this week as part of Ramadan programming and its episodes run twice the time of the original “Modern Family” – watch the entire first episode now.

“Downton Abbey” creator: I expect there to a 6th season
“I would be amazed if there wasn”t another series after (this one),” Julian Fellowes tells Harpers Bazaar.

See Jon Stewart, animated
“The Daily Show” host makes a cartoon cameo on Monday”s “Phineas and Ferb.”

“Family Guy” meets “Game of Thrones”
Check out an artist”s drawings putting the Seth MacFarlane characters in Westeros.

Disney Channel renews “I Didn”t Do It”
The teen comedy is one of the top tween shows on Disney.

“Orange is the New Black”s” Taryn Manning claims her ex-friend is stalking her
Manning pressed charges against the friend, who was arraigned yesterday in Manhattan Criminal Court on a misdemeanor charge of sending hundreds of messages to Manning.

Andy Cohen has a tiny office now that he”s no longer a Bravo executive
Cohen was moved from a spacious office on the 46th floor of 30 Rock to a cramped office on the 14th floor.

Science proves that “The Bachelor” is better than “The Bachelorette”
A psychologist explains why males competing for one woman is boring: There is less infighting among males, which leads to duller show.

Do you remember Nickelodeon”s “My Brother And Me”?
The mid-90s family sitcom is nearly forgotten today.

“The ’90s: The Last Great Decade?” is a fun trip down memory lane
The three-night Nat Geo event, premiering Sunday, is especially timely with Hillary Clinton in the headlines.

General Wesley Clark kicks off TCM”s WWI salute on the Fourth of July
He”ll help introduce 43 films on The Great War.

“How I Met Your Mother”s” Kevin & Jeanette reunite
Kal Penn and Jeanette snapped a pic in “their new home.”

Check out Dana Carvey”s Church Lady cartoon
The classic “SNL” character gets a digital makeover.

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