‘SNL’: Jebidiah Atkinson destroys all the Grammy stars

02.01.15 3 years ago


Jebidiah Atkinson is back with more brutal cut-downs of our most beloved artists.

I'm not a fan of Michael Che and Colin Jost on “Weekend Update,” but Taran Killam helped make the segment bearable tonight with the return of his eye-rolling 1860s critic Jebidiah Atkinson. This week Jebidiah levels his unforgiving wit at Grammy nominees both past and present, from Meghan Trainor (“She's all about that bass/'Bout that bass/No talent”) to U2 (“I still haven't found what I'm looking for – a way to delete your album!”) to Celine Dion (“Someone turn her Celine Dioff!”).

“Oh yes, who wouldn't be excited for a nightlong tribute to the Spotify playlist of a 12-year-old girl?” he queries sarcastically of the upcoming awards show. Hard to argue there.

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