‘SNL’ takes on the NFL and all its problems twice and rips off ‘Key and Peele’

09.28.14 3 years ago

The NFL is going through, arguably, its most scandal plagued period of the 21st Century.  The separate Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice cases have dominated the media landscape over the past few weeks and “SNL” was not going to return without weighing in.  Not only was it the subject of the show's cold open, but a second skit appeared later on as the writers made it clear the league's reaction has not been acceptable.

In the first skit, Chris Pratt portrays as a bumbling NFL Commissioner Roger  Goodell who thanks controversial Washington Redskin's owner Daniel Snyder, Michael Vick and Saints Coach Sean Payton “for not holding me to the same standard I held him. I appreciate it.”  The best parts? Aidy Bryant's continuing spot-on impersonation of CNN's Candy Crowley and Jay Pharoah's just as great Shannon Sharpe. Check it out below.

The second skit really feels like a rip off of “Key and Peele's” East/West Bowl series (you have reason to be annoyed gents), but as funny as it is there are some very subtle and strong jabs at the NFL including an announcer reminding everyone, “”Accountability, that's what the NFL is all about.” You can watch that skit here.


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