Sony TV exec on ‘Community’: ‘There’s no way we’re not making the movie now!’

06.30.14 3 years ago

Sony TV exec on “Community”: “There's no way we're not making the movie now!”
Zack Van Amburg, who”s in charge of Sony Pictures Television”s programming and production, recalls the negotiations with Hulu and says the Yahoo deal came out of the blue — a deal that should pave the way for the ultimate goal of six seasons and a movie. “I'd be lying if I told you that we have not had some very early and preliminary conversations that are very exciting about what a potential movie could be and who might direct it,” he says. “It's early but it's completely in our thought process.” PLUS: Joel McHale got some “Fresh Air” today.

With host Chris Rock, BET Awards were slightly up from last year
About 7.9 million tuned in this year compared to 7.8 million last year, when Samuel L. Jackson hosted.

FX promoting “The Strain” by sending beating hearts to the media
It”s the latest gross-out stunt to promote Guillermo del Toro”s new series.

“True Blood's” gay sex dream was pandering
“Why not just give the fans what they want?” says Joe Reid. “The problem, of course, is that it's monstrously, almost hilariously pandering to its audience of gay men and the women who like the idea of gay men…This isn't a storyline. These aren't real people. There isn't even any expectation that Jason's dreams will ultimately lead him down the road to any kind of sexual awakening. It's just a tossed-off bone (no pun intended) to its audience, in lieu of anything real.” PLUS: Looking back at “True Blood”s” gay legacy, a “True Blood” fashion guide, and Kristin Bauer van Straten on Pam”s Eric issues.

Can “Halt and Catch Fire” be saved by its rich viewers?
Ratings haven”t been great, but the AMC series does boast an advantage in its upscale viewership.

Chris D”Elia to play Jaime Pressly”s baby daddy
He”ll appear on several episodes of “Undateable.”

Forbes” most-powerful celebrities list: Oprah #4, Ellen #5, Jimmy Fallon #45
Ryan Seacrest is #31, Jennifer Lopez #33, Sofia Vergara #54, Gordon Ramsay #58, Jon Stewart #60, Zooey Deschanel #96, Lena Dunham #97 and Kaley Cuoco #99.

On “Californication” set, Heather Graham reminisced with David Duchovny about working on “Twin Peaks”
“I had met him a long time ago, so it”s fun to see people you meet and then, through the years, seeing them again,” she says.

New Orleans” NBC affiliate refused to air the 4th hour of “Today,” featuring a rival anchor
Friday”s fourth hour featured Hoda Kotb co-hosting with the an anchor from New Orleans” CBS affiliate. That hour was replaced in New Orleans by an episode of “The Queen Latifah Show.”

Where did “The Leftovers” go wrong?
Viewers apparently aren”t interested in being bummed out by a TV show. PLUS: The book vs. the TV series, “Leftovers” star Chris Zylka was once homeless, Amy Brenneman on being silent, and watch the pilot on Yahoo!

How “Seinfeld” paved the way for “The Sopranos”
“Seinfeld,” which turns 25 on Saturday, allowed its lead characters to be portrayed in a negative light, setting the stage for Tony Soprano and TV”s future antiheroes. PLUS: Ranking the Top 50 recurring “Seinfeld” characters.

“House of Cards” creator was advised not to start the series off with a dog-strangling scene
Including that scene turned out to be a triumph of creativity over data and better judgment.

Neil Patrick Harris kissed former “HIMYM” co-star Josh Radnor during “Hedwig” performance
“He came out in the audience during ‘Sugar Daddy” and planted a big kiss on my forehead, which humiliated me and also made me very happy,” Radnor recalls. PLUS: Check out Neil Patrick Harris on “Blossom.”

Watch Jay Leno crack jokes as a Disney XD crystal ball
Leno lent his voice to the Snow White-themed “The 7D,” which premieres on July 7.

“Game of Thrones”” Hodor gets an app
Guess which one word the app says?

Complaint: “Orange is the New Black” isn”t focusing enough on the men
“The show barely, and inadequately, represents” males, says Noah Berlatsky. PLUS: Why this argument is ridiculous.

50 Cent”s next TV show will be on Comedy Central
The rapper announced on Instagram to announce his next TV show will be on Comedy Central.

Kelsey Grammer returns to Twitter to solve its “grammar problem”
Grammer tweeted today: “It has come to my attention that the fine people of @Twitter have an egregious grammar problem. I”m here to help. #KelseyGrammerGrammar”

Ellie Kemper accidentally calls her NBC comedy “Unbreakable Kimmy Sh*t”
“I just said ‘sh*t,” and I haven”t had anything to drink, only coffee,” says the star of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

The Weather Channel sending “Fat Guys in the Woods”
Each episode will feature three “fat guys” who learn survival skills in the snowy Appalachian wilderness.

“Hart of Dixie” adds Ian Anthony Dale
The “Murder in the First” star and “Hawaii Five-0” vet will play “a walking Superman” over several episodes.

“Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson out of the hospital
The auctioneer suffered a double brain aneurysm that didn”t cause any permanent damage.

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