‘Star Wars’: Oh wait, Stormtroopers make no sense…

01.19.16 2 years ago

Ever wonder what someone who never saw a “Star Wars” movie might think of “The Force Awakens”?

On Christmas Day I went to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” for the third time. One friend in our party, however, had never seen a single “Star Wars” movie. So I thought I”d capture a quick before and after of what she thought the franchise was about, and then what she made of it after seeing the film.

As expected, she”d picked up a lot simply via cultural osmosis. Her response after seeing the film is what really struck me, though.

I know someone out there has thought of this. Or several someones…I must say, though, as a lifelong “Star Wars” lover, I can”t recall having this particular criticism of Stormtroopers…

The very first thing our friend said when we left the theatre was “Why do Stormtroopers wear all that armor if you can just blast right through them…?”

Why indeed! I honestly don”t remember how young I was when my parents first introduced me to “Star Wars.” I don”t recall a time when I wasn”t aware of those films…So I wonder how many very obvious questions I”ve ignored, even as I dig into every granular detail of these new “Star Wars” movies.

In any event, you can see her post-“The Force Awakens” response in the player above and pre-“Force Awakens” take below.

Oh, and on why I waited this long to post this video…Hey, life got hectic!

Hope you enjoy!

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