Starz’s canceled ‘Magic City’ is becoming a movie with Bruce Willis and Bill Murray

10.31.14 3 years ago


Starz”s canceled “Magic City” is becoming a movie with Bruce Willis and Bill Murray
The 1950s Miami-set drama, which ran for two seasons from 2012 to 2013, is set to hit the big screen with stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danny Huston, Olga Kurylenko and Kelly Lynch, plus Murray and Willis. The film will be written and directed by its creator, Mitch Glazer. Here”s the pitch, according to Deadline: “Miami 1962. Gangsters, hoteliers, spies and socialites win, lose and die beneath the palms. JFK and a mob boss share a mistress in a Collins Avenue penthouse. The CIA secretly arms Cuban freedom fighters and hires the mafia to kill Castro.”

“TMZ”s” Harvey Levin dresses as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for Halloween
The TMZ boss almost cost the NFL commissioner his job thanks to the Ray Rice scandal.

Aidy Bryant: “SNL”s” breakout star?
As Kevin Fallon put it, Bryant has stealthily become your favorite “SNL” star: “In her two-and-a-half years in Studio 8H Bryant has stealthily and unassumingly become one of the show”s most valuable cast members, parlaying her knack for playing the quiet, precocious prim Everywoman (Joann, 'trying her best,' is one example) who sometimes has an unexpected randy, wild side into a series of breakout sketches.”

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Here”s a running diary of last night”s airing of the holiday classic, complete with timestamps.

Matt McGorry reacts to “How to Get Away with Murder” shocker
“I remember reading it at the table read and just being floored by it,” he says.

PBS bringing back “Vicious”
Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi”s comedy will return for a 2nd season in summer 2015.

Introducing “The Flash”s” Plastique
The Nov. 11 episode introduces the DC Comics villainess.

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