Stephen Amell of ‘Arrow’ has a request for fans (and he’s not above using terrible puns)


Two world collide as Green Arrow and the WWE meet…again! Stephen Amell who – plays Oliver Queen on The CW”s “Arrow” – has a proposition for his fans. Nominated for a WWE Slammy Award in the category of ‘Best Celebrity Moment” and the only way for him to win is with the power of Greyskull social media.

Much like the People”s Choice Awards, the Slammys are decided by the fans…only of wrestling and, in this case, “Arrow.”

In case you missed it, Amell was present at WWE Raw back in August of this year when suddenly Stardust attacked him – an innocent audience member – without warning. Well, Starling City”s favorite son wasn”t about to take that lying down!

If you”d like to help Stephen Amell win the Slammy for ‘Best Celebrity Moment,” head over the WWE website OR use the hashtags #Slammy and #Celebrity on social media (along with Stephen Amell”s name obviously) to vote once a day!

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