StreamFix: 5 ’90s Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

02.06.15 3 years ago

That “Saved by the Bell” reunion on “The Tonight Show” got us thinking: We could use a blast of nostalgic goodness this weekend. Here are five '90s gems available on Netflix to drink in over Saturday and Sunday.

“The Wonder Years”

Somehow it goes underreported that “The Wonder Years” never had a bad season. Kevin Arnold's development in the last year may not have been as sweet or innocent as in show's legendary first season, but that's why I loved it: He was often bitter and unlikable, and his blowout with Paul at that poker night was one of the most heartbreakingly real moments I've ever seen in a TV friendship. Sometimes your dork best friend from middle school is an awkward fit in your high school social circle. 


I'm not saying I was the most discerning eight-year-old back when “Dinosaurs” was popular, but I remember vividly thinking this show was hilarious. “Not the mama!” killed every time. I'm serious. Baby Sinclair may have looked like a papier-mâché rendering of a giant pimple come to life, but damn if his comic timing wasn't sensational. 


“Frasier” was not nearly forgotten enough to be included in my 10 Great Shows from the '90s That No One Talks About Anymore list, but I think it deserves to be re-exalted as the gold standard for punchy, hilarious dialogue on a multicam sitcom. Niles Crane's droll impishness is basically addictive. Hopefully a Peri Gilpin renaissance will soon be upon us.


Just. Just re-watch this. And never forget it. 

“Saved by the Bell”

I can't pretend “Saved by the Bell” is quality television. The show is a primitive illustration of what modern-day preteens like about so many current YouTube stars: It's attractive people having a good time and nothing more. But man is it a calming, soothing, nostalgic balm! Mark-Paul Gosselaar is dreamy, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen is charming, and Dennis Haskins is believably nurturing as Mr. Belding. But let's never forget the true reason “Saved by the Bell” sometimes rose above mediocrity: Lark Voorhies was fabulous as the prissy, glamorously cool Lisa Turtle.

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