Study: 80% of Super Bowl ads ‘don’t sell stuff’

01.06.14 4 years ago

Study: 80% of Super Bowl ads “don’t sell stuff”
Turns out, since most Super Bowl ads have nothing to do with the product their selling, viewers will remember the creative part of it more than the actual company behind the ad.

Jerry Seinfeld answers questions on Reddit, recalls his 1975 introduction to Larry David
“The first time I met him,” writes Seinfeld, “that’s a long story… I actually was eavesdropping on him talking to another comedian, and I wasn’t even in comedy yet. But he was leaning on my car in front of the Improv on 9th Ave and 44th Street, and this would be probably 1975.” PLUS: Seinfeld answers the question, What if ‘Seinfeld’ was still on TV today?

Kaley Cuoco adds “Sweeting” to her name
Now that “The Big Bang Theory” star is married, she has added her husband’s name, according to her Twitter.

“Kardashians” star Scott Disick loses his father, two months after the death of his mother
Disick’s dad, Jeffrey, died Friday in Los Angeles.

Kris Jenner’s talk show won’t likely return
The E! star’s daytime talker had mixed results during a summer test run on Fox.

Old Spice creeps out viewers with “Mom Song” ad
Watch the new ad that premiered during yesterday’s AFC Wild Card game.

“The Bachelor” paid tribute to Gia Allemand in last night’s special
The moving special aired as part of the “Countdown to Juan Pablo” special.

Showtime puts the “Shameless” season premiere on the web
Watch the censored version now.

“Law & Order” creator Dick Wolf releases his 2nd detective novel

“The Execution” is a follow-up to “The Intercept.”

“Downton Abbey” feels like it’s run out of steam

“The fourth season doesn’t so much extend a plot forward as drift from set piece to set piece,” says  Stephen Marche. “The great television dramas have a tendency of writing themselves into corners and then miraculously escaping. Downton has taken the opposite tack. Everything just becomes easier and easier.” PLUS: Patton Oswalt live-tweeted the premiere, it seems like “Downton” is remaking the 1st season, everyone is so sad?, and watch “Falling Downton Abbey.”

“The Queen Latifah Show” gets a 2nd season
Queen Latifah has a two-year deal, so her renewal was a formality.

“Kroll Show” releases star-studded Season 2 trailer
Among the Season 2 guest stars are Nick Kroll’s girlfriend Amy Poehler and Zach Galifianakis.

Comedian Tig Notaro gets her own web show, from Entertainment Weekly
“Up Close with Tig Notaro’s” first guest: “Community’s” Gillian Jacobs.

Wayne Brady is dating Chilli from TLC

According to Us Weekly, this is their 2nd time as a couple.

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