Tell us what you thought of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

08.01.14 3 years ago 28 Comments

Marvel Studios

This weekend, Marvel finally goes cosmic as “Guardians of the Galaxy” soars into theaters across the nation. Chris Pratt is now an action star and the geeks are rejoicing. Though I guess it's now just the geeks: with a healthy Rotten Tomatoes score, “Guardians” is one of Marvel Studios' best-reviewed films to date. Will it break August box office records? It very well might.

Call me a tad stumped as to the overall pass, though. I wasn't nearly as impressed with the film. Then again, the audience for this stuff is generally an easy lay. I walked away thinking “Guardians” had a weak villain, a thin narrative and too many audience winks for comfort. It's probably too long, too, but hey, I'm in the minority. I did think Bradley Cooper was best in show as Rocket Raccoon and I liked Michael Rooker quite a bit. It's a nice bridge between the the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far and the weirder concepts of that universe that are still available to be mined. So here's looking ahead to the implications of this one on the broader scheme.

Enough about my take, though. What's yours? If you make it to theaters to see it this weekend, sound off with your comments below and feel free to vote in our poll. And I should think the post-credits tag is fair game to discuss (not that it's such a big deal).

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