The 10 Greatest Finds at the ‘Mad Men’ Prop Auction

07.31.15 2 years ago


Nothing will bring “Mad Men” back (although we can dream of a reunion special in 10 years), but you can hold onto your piece of it.

When a show ends, cruel as it sounds, it's various cast-offs are generally thrown away, or if the show has as many hard-core fans as “Mad Men” put up on the auction block. This week, the leftovers of the 1960's advertising drama have been put up for sale at the Hollywood auction site Screenbid. Begins today at noon, with most items starting out for a mere $50 – 100.

With a show like “Mad Men” which paid meticulous attention to its period details, the items that went to create Don Draper's world are many and amazing.  Here's 10 of our favorites:

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