‘The Blacklist’ will be back in January

12.02.13 4 years ago

“The Blacklist” will be back in January
NBC has learned its lesson after giving “Revolution” a four-month break last season. So three new episodes will air in January, but without “The Voice.”

“Sleepy Hollow” casts Victor Garber as Ichabod’s dad
The “Alias” vet will appear in at least one episode.

Jimmy Kimmel’s ratings soared in November amid controversy
Kimmel had his best week since moving timeslots the week of Nov. 18.

New Jersey town celebrates “James Gandolfini Day”
Park Ridge, Gandolfini’s hometown, paid tribute over the weekend by naming a street after the late actor.

Is “HIMYM’s” final season copying “The Office” and “Friday Night Lights”?
Are Marshall & Lily the new Jim & Pam and Coach and Mrs Taylor?

“I Love Lucy” in color: Watch a preview
Here’s a glimpse of the CBS special, airing later this month.

Why “Grey’s Anatomy” is no longer worth watching
The Mer-Der romance has lost its luster — and those “interns” are either awful, boring or dead. PLUS: A “familiar face” returning on Thursday.

Stephen Moyer: Vince Gilligan sent “Breaking Bad” gifts after I praised the show

“I was a Breaking Bad fanatic,” says the “True Blood” star. “In fact I spoke about it so much… I was such a big fan that Vince Gilligan started sending me gifts to say, ‘Thank you.'”

“Hot in Cleveland” snags Tim Daly
He’ll play Jane Leeves’ boss in a multi-episode arc.

In defense of “Homeland”
Why this season has been pretty darn good, despite the naysayers.

Check out the balloon version of Guy Fieri
Complete with goatee.

Watch Conan O’Brien spend an hour chatting with a Woodrow Wilson historian
Conan has a “Serious Jibber-Jabber” conversation with A. Scott Berg, who also wrote a biography on Charles Lindbergh.

“Nikita’s” Devon Sawa becoming a dad
The actor is expecting his first child with his wife.

Should ABC dump “Dancing”?

Every season, elements of the show change. Yet problems persist.

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