Check out The CW’s new programs, retread ideas

05.19.11 6 years ago


At the 2011-2012 Upfonts, the CW has announced a slate of new shows that all might sound a wee bit familiar to you. Here’s a look at why, what they are and why you might tune in. And remember: Sarah Michelle Gellar is back!

“The Secret Circle”
What It”s Like: “Charmed” meets “The Vampire Diaries.”
What It Is: Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) is a happy teenager (oxymoron alert) when her mother dies in what appears to be an accidental fire. Cassie moves in with her grandma in Washington and starts making new friends who seem to know an awful lot about her. It turns out her new pals are descended from powerful witches – and so is Cassie. They”ve been waiting for her to show up in order to complete a new generation of the Secret Circle and unleash Cassie”s powers. But darker forces are at play.
Why You Might Watch: Cool spells, hot guys and forces of evil float your boat.
Why You Might Not: You”re a Harry Potter loyalist.
Watch a preview of “The Secret Circle.”
Cassie doesn”t know who she really is… but she”s about to find out.
Cassie get her spell on.
What It”s Like: “The Parent Trap” plus murder
What It Is: After witnessing a murder, Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), goes on the run – until her wealthy, pampered twin sister Siobhan commits suicide. Bridget decides to take on Siobhan”s personality – but when someone tries to kill her, she realizes she”s no safer as Siobhan.
Why You Might Watch: Three little words: Sarah. Michelle. Gellar.
Why You Might Not: It”s not “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Sigh.
Watch a preview of “Ringer.”
Siobhan and Bridget (Gellar) work on their fractured relationship.
Bridget explains why she”s taken on her sister”s identity.
“Hart of Dixie”
What It”s Like: “Steel Magnolias” meets “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.”
What It Is: Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson, “The O.C.”) is a new doctor who, after her career is derailed in New York, accepts a job in small town Bluebell, Alabama. But when her new boss dies and leaves half of his practice to her in his will, she butts heads with the town”s other doctor and his Southern belle daughter Lemon (Jaime King). Plus, it doesn”t take long for Zoe to crush on Lemon”s fiancé, George (Scott Porter).
Why You Might Watch: The battle between New York-tough Zoe and thorny Lemon promises to be a catfight worthy of “Dallas.”
Why You Might Not: You don”t watch daytime soaps for a reason.
See a preview of “Hart of Dixie” below.
Zoe learns that her personal purgatory also has a hot guy in it.
Zoe discovers Southern belles can be mean – but she can be meaner.
What It”s Like: “Cheaters,” but with more celebrities and less violence. Hopefully.
What It Is: Mario Lopez hosts this reality show in which celebrities go head-to-head with the civilians who hate them.
Why You Might Watch: You want to see some loudmouth no-nothings get a well-deserved beatdown.
Why You Might Not: You”re not sure you need to see pseudo stars like Snooki defend their honor.
Snooki confronts a critic in this clip. Yes, Snooki.
Kim Kardashian visits a woman who criticizes her ample butt.
What It”s Like: “Tabatha”s Salon Takeover,” but with a bald, angry guy.
What It Is: In this reality show, modeling industry veteran Paul Fisher plans to bring together hundreds of small modeling agencies in her new venture, The Network. But first he has to whip those agencies into shape by yelling a lot.
Why You Might Watch: You love to watch the mean berate the clueless.
Why You Might Not: Don”t we have enough of these shows from Gordon Ramsay alone?
Paul doesn”t like the models. He doesn”t like the models!
Paul says no more purple! And get him a new shirt!

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