Watch: The-Dream’s ‘Slow It Down’ video makes a major case for slow songs

04.03.13 5 years ago

The-Dream”s “Slow It Down” offers up the absolutely most ludicrous Winnie The Pooh reference we”ve ever heard in a song (courtesy of guest Fabolous), but that”s just one of the questions we have with the new clip.

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White girls have got a lot to learn from their black sisters, according to The-Dream, especially when it comes to learning how to dance with their dates. “Enough with the motherf**kin” dance song,” sings The-Dream. He wants a girl who can move her body up and down his body like it”s a stripper pole.  And with an a** so big “you can see it from a satellite.”

In the video, this all leads to a bit of consternation for a white couple at the party. The white girl, who has plenty of junk in her trunk, is eager to learn the ways of her black friends, while her boyfriend isn”t so eager for her to even think about grinding up against someone else”s business.

The video ends with the white guy confronting The-Dream and challenging him to a, no kidding, drag race like something out of “Rebel Without A Cause.”  The video abruptly ends just as the flag drops. The-Dream is obviously trying to make a greater point, because as soon as the flag drops, a chyron comes up with the words: “I thought music was to be the only place where colors didn”t matter. I was wrong.”

There”s a racial tension in the  video that isn”t indicated in the song other than the first couplet, “I know they ain”t gon play this on top 40 radio/but the white girls still gon” ride it like a rodeo.”  Maybe there will be a sequel that explains it all further.

The-Dream”s new album, “IV Play,” comes out May 28.

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