The ‘Real’ Reason Ben Affleck’s Batman Reveal Was Black And White

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05.14.14 11 Comments

After yesterday's reveal of Ben Affleck's Batsuit on Zack Snyder's Twitter feed, the internet jumped on it like the ravenous pack of wolves we are. Dissemination of every aspect of the suit and Batmobile was quick and ruthless. Some liked the beefier look while others wondered what the point of casting a guy built like Affleck if they're just gonna put him in a life-sized Stretch Armstrong™ rubber suit. But while we fans picked clean the carcass of this single glimpse into the future of the 'Batman Vs. Superman' franchise, we overlooked the obvious.

The photo is in black and white. Now you could be loyal and say it's not in color because everyone knows Batman only wears black to symbolize the color of his soul in the wake of growing up without parents. Or you could be jaded and say it's in black and white so the PR machine can show the same image later on in color for budget purposes. But what if there was another option? What if we're harkening back to the days of a brighter, more absurd Batman? A Batman forced into a nightmare version of the Technicolor Dreamcoat. Behold the truth of Ben Affleck as the Rainbow Batman!

What the what?! In 'Batman: The Brave and the Bold' the Dark Knight has to shed that title to fight off an overpowered Emperor Joker and his rainbow bear when a fifth dimension superfan accidentally transfers his powers to Batman's greatest enemy during a misguided attempt to create the ULTIMATE BATMAN BATTLE EXPERIENCE™. It sounds absurd but it's a pretty psychologically brutal torture plot for a kids show.

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Plus the Batsuit even comes in pink! Come on Snyder, do it. Dooooo it.

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