10 things we’ve learned from the Zosia Mamet Kickstarter fiasco

06.10.13 4 years ago

The troubled-from-the-start Kickstarter project launched by Zosia Mamet and her sister Clara has come to an end, and the singing sisters managed to raise only $2,783 toward their $32,000 goal — which in Kickstarterland means they get nothing. The bullet points of this story are: two girls were born from David Mamet and Rebecca Pidgeon’s DNA, both of them became wealthy television stars, they formed a band and wrote a song in a single afternoon, and then they asked the public to give them an absurd amount of money so they could make a music video.

But the public? The public totally revolted. By which I mean, everyone mocked the Mamet sisters mercilessly and refused to give them any money, basically making the story North America’s Arab Spring. So, what have we learned from this most recent Kickstarter disaster? Here are 10 important lessons:

1. Music videos don’t have to cost $32,000. In fact, they can cost as little as the price of a pizza and a few cups of coffee for that friend or 10 you have who went to film school.

2. America has a love/hate relationship with famous people.

3. That relationship veers closer to the “hate” side if the famous people come from famous parentage.

4. The Mamet sisters have less indie cred than Zach Braff.

5. The Mamet sisters have a band.

6. There is a series currently airing on a major network called “The Neighbors.”

7. David Mamet recently wrote a check for $2,783.

8. Non-celebrities don’t like it when celebrities ask them for favors.

9. Being a cute girl is no longer the most important thing in the world, maybe.

10. You can buy 5,333 sandwiches with $32,000.

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