‘Thor: The Dark World’ deleted scene features Loki as Captain America

01.27.14 4 years ago

Marvel Studios

Is there anything Loki can’t do? He proved at Comic-Con last year that he was loved by all and he tried to enslave Earth in “The Avengers” but then was allowed out of prison despite his crime. Now, the trickster has donned the stars-and-stripes.
Hiddleston has previously discussed his getting to wear Captain America’s outfit for a moment in “Thor: The Dark World,” and with the DVD release of the Marvel movie around the corner, the clip of Loki in the outfit has made its way onto the web. The scene, entitled “Loki: The First Avenger,” is listed amongst the bonus features on the release. It is also below, for your watching enjoyment.
We don’t want to ruin it for you, but we will say this – it seems clear that if he wasn’t so terribly evil, Loki would make a great Avenger.   The guy even knows exactly what to say when he’s wearing the outfit. Yes, the lines may fall a little close to Cap’s concern in “The Avengers” about the stars and stripes being a little old fashioned, but like Coulson said, people might just need a little old fashioned.
Watch it yourself and tell us what you think. 

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