Three men enter, one man leaves: Wynn Duffy vs. Mike Ehrmantraut vs. Bronn

Senior Television Writer


Last night, while watching an upcoming “Game of Thrones” episode, I found myself saying, “Bronn is the goddamn best.” But then I realized I had only recently said the same of Wynn Duffy while watching a recent “Justified,” and of Mike Ehrmantraut while watching this week's “Better Call Saul.” And while I love each man's survival skills, and the very different ways they each bring humor to dramatic situations (Mike through dry unflappability, Bronn through more gregarious unflappability, Wynn through reacting incredulously to every horrifying thing he witnesses in Harlan), I realized that they couldn't all be the goddamn best. So I pose a simple question to you (as I did last night on Twitter):

Bronn, Wynn and Mike enter a room. Only one man leaves alive. Who is it?

Don't just answer with a name. Please show your work. Does Bronn slice Mike in two along with his pimento? Does Wynn hire one of the enforcers to kill the other two? Do Bronn and Mike recognize that Wynn is the physically weakest and dispatch him quickly? Or is Wynn such a cockroach that he can survive even an encounter with two such deadly men? And how much should Mike's ultimate fate on “Breaking Bad” factor in?

Have at it.

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