Indie ‘Bronze’ to Marvel’s ‘Captain America?’ It’s all the same for Sebastian Stan

01.26.15 3 years ago

PARK CITY, UTAH — Sebastian Stan played the titular villain in last year's “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” but in new Sundance pic “The Bronze,” the film's characters are more preoccupied with their heroes.

Just think: having heroes have downsides, too.

“The thing about heroes, it's a two sided coin,” Stan explained from the “Bronze” red carpet at the Sundance film festival. “One way, it's nice have someone to be inspired by…”

And then there's “unrealistic expectations.” “['The Bronze'] movie deals with that. It's about expectation and about people who have taken these dreams way too far… once the applause is over and the medals are won,” bodies are older and they fade to memories.

Heavy. But then again, Stan's work as an actor sounds like it's hard work. He said he goes over his scenes and his goals and the start and stop of each shoot. And no matter the size of the project — whether it's the Marvel films, or this tiny dark comedy-indie — “it's all the same. It's always the same. You go home, you think about your day, you wanted to achieve certain things…”

What working in the Marvel Universe has helped Stan with is patience, and taking advantage and appreciating “one-on-one relationships.”

Check out the whole rest of our interview, with Stan waxing on those friendships and the fun work during Melissa Rauch-starring “The Bronze.” Below — if you missed it — Stan and “Bronze” co-star Thomas Middleditch talk about their handsomeness.

“The Bronze” plays all week at Sundance. Stan is on slate return for “Captain America: Civil War,” out in 2016.

patience is always something i'm constantly learning … its hard to compare. taught me to be able to kind of take advantage of the one on one relationships… form a smaller set. this was a very 1:1 expience. lot more things to worry about

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