Today in ‘Let It Go’: Putin and Obama duet on ‘Fallon’ and someone made a dance remix

03.20.14 4 years ago

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Question: Are we getting tired of “Let It Go” yet? Like, even a teeny tiny bit? Don't get me wrong, it's a legitimately good tune and I'm very happy for Adele Dazeem. But oh my god, this movie came out in November. Is this going to end, ever?

No, says suburbia, it's not going to end until we say it's going to end, and to prove it two music terrorists named DJ Escape and Tony Coluccio have created a goddamn dance remix of the song to assure you that even when you're out at an adult venue, “Let It Go” will continue to haunt your every waking move. A colleague of mine has described this as a “rejected Madonna club banger,” but I'd go a step further and call it a “rejected Kelly Rowland club banger.” Yes, that is how bad it is.

Also in “Let It Go” oversaturation news, President Obama and Vladimir Putin performed an impromptu duet of the song on “Jimmy Fallon” last night, except with more lyrics about the Cold War and some creepy Russian pseudo-laughing to cap things off.

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