Today in New Music Videos: Lil Wayne, Robin Thicke, Grimes, Avril, Santigold

03.02.12 6 years ago

Check out new music videos from Robin Thicke with Lil Wayne, Chairlift, Santigold, Avril Lavigne, Grimes, Beth Jeans Houghton and more.

Chairlift did a beautiful job with the technology of data-moshing with “Evident Utensil.” Now they’re taking advantage of a different video technology for their twist on “Choose Your Own Adventure.” The track “Met Before” plays with physics and the chem lab, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get lucky:

Viewers use their arrow keys to choose their path through a PhD student’s day, with singer Caroline Polachek leading the way. I’ll admit: I tried a few. It plays into the them of multiverses and deja vu.

“Met Before” is from Chairlift’s newest album “Something,” which is out now.

Santigold introduces her “adventure-chic” fashion to kids on a mysterious island for “Disparate Youth,” which, at one point, dissolves into a Tim & Eric sketch:

The introduction insinuates that the clip would be much more exciting than it is, but perhaps my dreamworld is a lot more exciting (I’m just numb to the use of color contacts). Just call her Shamangold.

“Disparate Youth” arrives in advance of Santigold’s next set “Master of My Make Believe,” due sometime this spring.

Oh man, do you remember when Lil Wayne was cool? Before the dopey NBA headphones thing and that “How to Love” song and “Rebirth” and when he started sporting novelty shades with cutout shapes in them in a mediocre R&B crooner video with a limp handshake of a rap verse?

Robin Thicke — darling, you know I could look at you all day. I’ll forgive the suspenders get up in favor of the aesthetics of you laying on your side in a motel parking lot playing with a toy monkey. I love James Dean. I love Elvis. But cut the crap filler of “I love you / I love you / I love you / I love you / I love you / I love you / I love you / I love you / I love you” and admit that “Pretty Lil’ Heart” didn’t even need a rap verse. It turns your homage into a pop music parody.

“Pretty Lil’ Heart” is from Thicke’s “Love After War,” out in December last year.

Oh and we’re not done with Weezy. The Young Money leader didn’t show up to his “Jimmy Kimmel” interview this week, so the late-night host just plucked a black dude from the audience, put dreads and a hat on his head and started to make fun of the rapper and his un-appearance.

There’s room for grown women who sound like girls in this music world, and Grimes successfully turns her blush-cheeked delivery into a memorable tune for “Oblivion.” She further interjects her girlishness into the dudely realm, where she’s seen hanging out at a motocross rally, a high school football game and at a living room mosh pit for the music video:

 The clip’s fun in its character — not just its pink-hair heroine, but the guys who creep into the frame, just being guys. I don’t know if there was any casting involved in the effort, but it’s obviously a good, random crew.

Speaking of boys and girls, you should watch Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny’s “Atlas.” Spoiler: there’s a bunny! A bunny! Eee!

The singer poses like she’s passed out in various locales, perhaps due to this proclamation: “Red wine and whiskey are no good for me.” Amateur hour, watch your intake.

It’s a stylish music video, helmed by Juan Iglesias, who has also done a couple for buzzy band Tashaki Miyaki.

Houghton et al.’s excellent album “Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose” and this video were released last month.

Last and least, Avril Lavigne’s “Goodbye,” a song I had to put on mute, as it is unlistenable:

The unintentionally campy video features the Canadian singer-songwriter pouting and posing, and leaving us with the query: the better the champagne, the better the shave?

Fashion photog Mark Liddell was behind this one. That, at least, makes sense.The clip was a thank you to her fans, as Lavigne finished off her latest tour in February. You’re welcome?

Here is the music video for The Shins’ Funny or Die sketch and “Bait & Switch.”

Watch Paul Van Dyk’s music video for “Verano” and trailer for album “Evolution.”

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