Today in New Music Videos: M.I.A., Miike Snow and Neon Indian

02.04.12 6 years ago

Three left-of-center, electronic-influenced acts — M.I.A., Miike Snow and Neon Indian — invite us into their imaginations with visually striking new videos. 

M.I.A. may be Madonna’s BFF these days, but the Brit provocateur is still her own woman with a distinctly different musical sensibility, on display in her latest video for “Bad Girls.”

In this Morocco-shot clip (call it “Fast and Furious: North Africa Drift”), M.I.A. and some pals tear threw the desert in tricked out cars and dance the night away in front of burning oil fields. 

Next, chillwave guru Neon Indian worked with the Adult Swim guys to bring us the video for “Fallout,” a smooth animated romp that plays like “Drive” meets R. Crumb. A busty redhead behind the wheel of a fast car dazzles four yokels at a middle-of-nowhere gas station. Probably NSFW. 

Finally, the clip for Swedish electro-pop unit Miike Snow’s “Paddling Out” is a pleasant slice of dance-powered surrealism, playing like “The Hangover” re-imagined by a high-as-hell Rod Serling. A middle-aged shlub wakes up after a booze bender, finds some magic shoes and gets abducted by 18th Century aliens — and that’s just the beginning of the possibly NSFW clip below: 

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