Watch: ‘Total Recall”s explosive new trailer promises a stunning action spectacle

06.27.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

Columbia Pictures

The new “Total Recall” trailer is a total adrenaline rush.

This second full-length preview for the upcoming Len Wiseman remake is nearly wall-to-wall action, dispensing with much of the set-up of the first trailer and instead devoting most of its running time to shootouts, explosions, flying-car chases and one prolonged Colin Farrell/Kate Beckinsale smack-fest.

In short, the Sony marketing team has done their job well, showcasing a ton of kinetic action (Wiseman’s fluid camerawork gets some excellent play here) that will really appeal to blockbuster-oriented moviegoers. Whether the film will actually be good – not to mention whether enough people will take the bait to justify the film’s reported $200 million budget (!) – is an open question, and expectations largely depend on whether you’re a fan of Wiseman’s work to begin with (his directorial output consists of the first two “Underworld” movies and 2007 John McClane sequel “Live Free or Die Hard”).

But yeah, for what it sets out to do – great trailer.

My grade: A. After watching it below, rate it for yourself at top left!

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“Total Recall” is slated for release on August 3.

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