Tracy Morgan sues Wal-Mart over deadly crash

07.12.14 3 years ago

Tracy Morgan sues Wal-Mart over deadly crash
Morgan and his fellow passengers are suing over the Wal-Mart driver who collided into them last month. “Wal-Mart was careless and negligent in the ownership and operation of its motor vehicle, which caused Mr. Morgan to suffer severe personal injuries,” reads the complaint.

Why Jimmy Fallon”s move away from talking is bad for late-night
Even when Fallon talks to his guests, it”s as if they”re just Hollywood acquaintances. As Daniel D”Addario argues, “talk shows provide a rare opportunity to get a sense of what a star is actually all about – how they react to a tough question or a barbed joke, what they have to say about the incredibly unusual circumstances that accompany being famous.”

“The Daily Show”s” longest-serving writer recalls the transition from Craig Kilborn to Jon Stewart
“I've always been amazed at how well Jon handled the transition,” says J.R. Havlan, who left last month after 18 years. “He didn't rock the boat. Instead, he used that first year to gradually make the adjustments necessary to create the foundation for what the show would eventually become.”

CNN”s “The Hunt With John Walsh” is a schlocky disappointment
The former “America”s Most Wanted” host new series, debuting Sunday, “is indistinguishable from the true-crime fare that clogs fringe cable channels like Investigation Discovery,” according to Neil Genzlinger.

Why MTV is heading into “Virgin Territory”
A survey finding that teens wanted more content about being a virgin prompted MTV”s new reality show.

Adam DeVine will be a big part of “Modern Family” next season
“We have big plans,” co-creator Christopher Lloyd says of the “Workaholics” star, who appeared in the season finale.

“Reign” casts a “Spartacus” alum
Craig Parker will play the role of Narcisse, who has a “death grip” on the French Court.

“Doctor Who” adds a star of “The Kumars at No. 42”
Sanjeev Bhaskar will come to the aid of the Doctor in the season finale.

Pivot renews “Please Like Me” for a 3rd season
The new cable channel has also greenlit “Freestyle” a comedic improv series from Lin-Manuel Miranda and “Fortitude,” an original drama starring Stanley Tucci.

“True Blood”s” Chris Bauer: “I look worse on film than in real life”
Bauer looks back at his “True Blood” and “The Wire” work in a Reddit AMA. PLUS: Anna Camp says: “This season is about Sarah trying to survive.”

“Ray Donovan” is back for Season 2, with some excess baggage
The Showtime series still feels like it”s finding its way in its 2nd season. PLUS: “Ray” is a showcase for Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight.

“Masters of Sex” is even richer and more compelling in Season 2
By the third episode of Season 2, there will be a payoff so great it”s “the best 58 minutes this show has produced.” PLUS: “Masters” is the smartest show of the summer, why does “Masters” feel so modern for women?, “Masters” is TV”s most feminist show, the show finally becomes sexy this season, and “Masters” is intelligent, witty, quick-paced and surprising – it treats its audience like grown-ups.

FX”s “The Strain” reclaims vampires from prissy romantics and lovelorn teens
“In recent years we got so hung up on sexy vampires who ached to assimilate into society that we forgot how to make them undesirable and frightening,” says Hank Stuever. He adds: “There”s something refreshingly old-fashioned about 'The Strain' when viewed merely as a lean horror show, free of metaphor or derivative camp or hidden meanings.” PLUS: “The Strain” is a very bad show that should be the death rattle for vampires, it”s a rich fondue of blood and cheese, it is smashing entertainment, it”s so bad it”s bad, and it benefits from not taking itself too seriously.

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