Turner Classic Movies teams with Disney for ‘Treasures from the Disney Vault’

11.25.14 3 years ago


Turner Classic Movies teams with Disney for “Treasures from the Disney Vault”
In exchange for TCM endorsing Disney World”s “Great Movie Ride,” Disney will provide TCM with vintage movies, cartoons, documentaries and episodes of TV series like “Disneyland” and “Walt Disney”s Wonderful World of Color” for a new programming block, reports the NY Times.   “Treasures from the Disney  Vault” will be offered by TCM “roughly four to five times a year,” says a TCM exec.

“Game of Thrones” launches a mysterious Season 5 website
Those who sign up at ThreeEyedRaven.com will get a Twitter direct message teasing: “You now have the power of #TheSight. Keep watch for visions of the future.”

This season's “Homeland” has become one of the most damning critiques of American foreign policy
In Season 4, Carrie = America and Saul Berenson = America as it imagines itself. PLUS: How would “The Newsroom” cover the events on this season of “Homeland”?

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Animal Planet is bringing back the live reindeer cam
The Minnesota zoo webcam is returning for a 2nd year.

“Supernatural” boss responds to Season 2 criticism
Exec producer Mark Goffman says to keep in mind that Season 2″s first nine episodes were completed before the season premiere.

“Glee” unveils its final season poster
The iconic “hand-L” is now being used for “Final.”

Claim: Bill Cosby and “The Cosby Show” represented the “Safe Black”
“Thirty years ago,” says Kelley L. Carter, “the Huxtables represented an ideal black family – successful, intelligent, and approachable. In the aftermath of Ferguson, today”s America doesn”t have much tolerance for those who don”t fit into the Huxtable mold.”

Donuts and bagels are part of Allison Williams” “Peter Pan Live!” diet
“After all the flying workout, I'm telling you I'm eating donuts a lot and bagels and everything sinful and it's never enough to keep me fueled,” she says.

What”s up with TV”s ridiculous fake names for Google and Facebook?
A show like “The Good Wife” will use a fake search engine like “ChumHum” instead of Google to avoid any of its fictional legal issues being confused with real-world legal issues.

A history of gay sex on TV
From “Thirtysomething”s” two men in bed together to “How to Get Away with Murder.”

“Homeland” and “The Affair” get most of their viewership from DVR users
About two-thirds of total viewing comes from viewers who don”t watch live.

How to create a TV-themed Thanksgiving dinner
Here are recipes inspired by your favorite shows.

“New Girl” bosses on the new opening: “We really just wanted something simple”
As showrunner Brett Baer explains, “Coming down from the original, long version, this gives us about 15 extra seconds. That's three or four more jokes an episode.”

Go behind the scenes of “Looking”
Check out a glimpse of the Season 2 filming.

Are HBO”s “AnnoyingHeroes” the new “antiheroes”?
Characters like Valerie Cherish on “The Comeback” or Stuart Pritchard on “Hello Ladies” “are so desperate to climb the ladders of status and recognition and fame that they make Francis Underwood look like 'K-PAX,”” says Drew Grant. “And they”re not even good at it!”

Check out the cast of CBS” “The Odd Couple”
Former “Community” star posted several pics from the set of the upcoming sitcom whose stars also include Matthew Perry, Wendell Pierce and Thomas Lennon.

Ranking the best ESPN “30 for 30” films
Today ESPN releases a “Fifth Anniversary Collection” of 32 DVDs featuring 40 episodes of the ESPN series.

Scott Bakula on his “Quantum Leap” reunion on “NCIS: New Orleans”: “It was a good day for the old guys”
Bakula and Dean Stockwell only worked together one other time since their “Quantum Leap” days.

With simple math, you can easily solve MTV”s “Are You the One?”
Here are some “mathematical” spoilers.

“Doctor Who” got a woman to write an episode for the 1st time in 6 years
Former “Torchwood” writer Catherine Tregenna will pen an episode of the BBC series.

Watch a conversation with the “Black-ish” cast
The ABC comedy stars recently gathered for a panel at the Screen Actors Guild.

In defense of the Foo Fighters” “Sonic Highways”
Dave Grohl”s HBO series has proven to be entirely worthwhile, despite complaints that it”s a “bloated, rambling…gimmick.”

“Six Feet Under”s” Justina Machado joins USA”s “Queen Of The South”
She”ll co-star in the English-language remake of Telemundo”s telenovela “La Reina del Sur.”

CNBC has found a winner in “The Profit”
The reality show about a billionaire who invests in other people”s business seems more real than other business-oriented reality shows.

Emily Wickersham describes being married to Jamie Bamber on “NCIS”
“It really felt like it was an arranged marriage,” she says. “He's perfect. He's kind of everything I expected Bishop's husband to be.”

“Gotham”s” young Bruce Wayne has evolved from a weak to an intriguing character
Producers have been slowly developing young Bruce Wayne, and it paid off with Monday”s episode. PLUS: “Gotham” hit the reboot button with its midseason finale.

Vogue puts “Sons of Anarchy”s” Charlie Hunnam on a motorcycle with a model and a dog
This is the 2nd magazine December issue featuring Hunnam baring his chest.

How “The Bernie Mac Show” changed the sitcom
The Larry Wilmore-created Fox sitcom used methods that were a precursor to shows like “Arrested Development.”

HGTV”s “Property Brothers” has revived the renovation show
Drew and Jonathan Scott have helped rejuvenate HGTV with their brotherly love.

Ranking every “Wonder Years” episode
No. 1: “The Accident.”

Lifetime”s “The Sisterhood” follows 5 women as they decide whether to become nuns
For a Lifetime reality show, the six-episode “The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns” shows some of the genre”s redeeming qualities.

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