Vince Gilligan explains ‘Breaking Bad’s’ final scene and reveals the rejected alternatives

09.30.13 4 years ago


Vince Gilligan explains “Breaking Bad’s” final scene and reveals the rejected alternatives

Our gut told us it was right. As the writers and I worked through all these different possibilities, it felt right, but I don”t think it was a necessity for us. There was a version we kicked around where Walt is the only one who survives, and he”s standing among the wreckage and his whole family is destroyed. That would be a very powerful ending but very much a kick-in-the-teeth kind of ending for the viewers. We talked about a version where Jesse kills Walt. We talked about a version where Walt more or less gets away with it.
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul discuss shooting their series finale scene
Walter White is reckless: So why did everything wrap up so neatly for him?
“Felina” might’ve been more satisfying if it was less satisfying
“Team Walt” wins: Writers protected Walt from worst possible death, letting him die on his own terms
The look on his face says it all: Walter White was victorious
Walt did not win: The look on his face as he touched Baby Holly shows him as a loser
The series finale was brilliant in exposing the truth of Walter White — as an American, not a monster
“Felina” wasn’t an endorsement of Walter, it was a reflection of him
Cranston watched the series finale for the 1st time while recording DVD commentary
Walter White was like a ghost, a modern version of Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas morning
What made the finale perfect was the “I did it for me” speech
The finale brimmed with love, proving that “Breaking Bad” ultimately was a show about love
It was about closure, not just for the characters but for fans
Not enough Jesse!: Why did Aaron Paul get the same amount of screentime as Lydia, Todd or Jack?
Some of the best storylines didn’t get a satisfying ending — Marie, Walt Jr.
Vince Gilligan deserved to end it all on his own terms
Gilligan crafted a perfect ending that will set a high bar for future shows
It’s surprising that Gilligan would go for the “happy ending”
It looked like there would be a “The Shield” ending, but Gilligan chose to be tidy
-“Talking Bad” a disappointment: AMC’s fan show could’ve been more analytical
Damon Lindelof retweets “Lost” finale haters comparing his ending to “Breaking Bad’s”
Albuquerque will miss “Breaking Bad’s” economic impact
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