Watch: ‘Warm Bodies’ zombie Rob Corddry on grunting as conversation

01.31.13 5 years ago

This must have been how Sylvester Stallone felt when he was making all those “Rambo” movies.

“We just sort of start it off organically,” says Rob Corddry, answering my question as to how he and fellow “Warm Bodies” zombie Nicholas Hoult constructed their grunts during filming. “And then it took awhile to find what the tone was of it, how big or small we were gonna do it. We did it for a long time, and the conversation, like any conversation, just evolved right? And we kinda got a sense of what we were talking about in a loose way.”

In the new zom-rom-dramedy Corddry plays the role of “M,” a member of the walking undead in a post-apocalyptic United States and a close, erm, confidante of Hoult’s “R.” Just think of him as the goofy best friend character in a typical romantic comedy and you’re on the right track.

Also sitting down for a brief chat was actress/former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Analeigh Tipton, who plays the role of the lead heroine’s best friend Nora. Like any good reporter, my first priority was getting a definitive answer to the following question: How did an “America’s Next Top Model” contestant end up in an actual movie? Like, one that’s being released in theaters?

“I moved to L.A. to actually be in filmmaking…I wanted to be the tough female behind the camera,” answered Tipton. “‘Top Model’ kinda came as this cool adventure that I could go on. Which seems anti-, like, the tough female [thing], but it ended up being pretty awesome, and what it did was it gave me this unique fan base that enabled me to kind of meet the right people and meet more people in the world that I love. Acting was not expected whatsoever, but the ability to still be a tool in that whole collaboration was ultimately what I fell in love with.”

Now that is fierce, girl.

You can check out snippets from both interviews (including Corddry’s answer to the question of whether we’ll ever be seeing a “Children’s Hospital” movie) in the video above.

“Warm Bodies” hits theaters this Friday.

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