Watch: Adam Sandler pulls double duty in new ‘Jack and Jill’ trailer

07.08.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

Adam Sandler’s back in “Jack and Jill,” and he’s finally found a co-star who can keep up with his manic energy:  Himself. The just-released trailer offers a double-dose of the comedy superstar’s shenanigans.

Yes, Sandler is playing twins — one a boy, and one a girl (Sandler in bad drag, natch). But there is some promise to this one, as well — Al Pacino plays himself and is in love with Jill (the female Sandler).

Among the rest of the cast, Sandler pals Nick Swardson, Tim Meadows and Allen Covert look like they’re still having fun, but Katie Holmes looks like she doesn’t have much to do as Jack’s wife. The film also promises the typical Sandler-style parade of cameos.

Regular Sandler collaborator Dennis Dugan (“Happy Gilmore,” “Just Go With It”) directed, so at least you’ll know pretty much what you’re gonna get..

And a quick question for all the lazy music supervisors out there: Why is E.L.O.’s “Don’t Bring Me Down” suddenly in every movie and trailer in theaters? Besides this, it’s recently been featured in — no kidding — “Paul,” “Super 8” and the trailer for “Our Idiot Brother.”

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