Watch: Alicia Keys’ lyric video for ‘New Day’

07.24.12 5 years ago


Nothing says “New Day” like tagging and spray paint. For Alicia Keys, it actually is true.

The lyric video for her new single, “New Day,” features taggers spraying the song”s lyrics throughout various New York City walls. Lyrics also appear on the spray cans themselves. It”s a clever concept and the urban motif works well since Keys is so associated with New York and given the tune”s militant, rat-a-tap beat that is the farthest thing from bucolic.

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As we wrote in our review of the single last month, it”s a pretty big departure for Keys, but not an unwelcome one.

Keys is nowhere to be seen unless you count at the end when a muralist creates a nice spray painting of Keys. We don”t know where it is in New York City, but we”re sure by now it”s been painted over or is covered in graffiti.

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