Watch Ben Affleck’s ‘SNL’ promos, with Bill Hader

05.15.13 4 years ago

Watch Ben Affleck’s “SNL” promos, with Bill Hader

These are among the final batch of promos for the season.

“New Girl” creator previews Season 3, reflects on Season 2
Liz Meriwether talks about the Nick and Jess season finale. PLUS: How Nick & Jess helped enhance Season 2, and Zooey Deschanel looks back at this season.

Melissa Joan Hart pulls the plug on her Kickstarter after raising $51,000 out of $2 million
The ABC Family star tried to get her fans to fund her movie project “Darci’s Walk of Shame.”

Harry Hamlin recalls the very secretive “Mad Men” process
Matthew Weiner approached his agent about working for two details, but wouldn’t give any details, not even a script. PLUS: Hamlin would’ve been fired if he shared his role with wife Lisa Rinna.

“Once Upon a Time” promotes Michael Raymond-James
He’ll become a series regular in Season 3. PLUS: “Once” and “Wonderland” will crossover.

Fox posts “The Goodwin Games” pilot early online
The Fox comedy will officially air on May 20.

The “NCIS” season finale, explained

Executive producer Gary Glasberg answers burning questions about what just happened.

Here are the 5 most “Whedony” things about Joss Whedon’s “S.H.I.E.L.D.” trailer

Scrappy nerds? Check. Ass-kicking female? Check.

“The Office” cast members say goodbye

Watch cast members’ emotional farewell video. PLUS: Watch the Dunder Mifflin ad that will run during the finale.

Craig Ferguson selling his L.A. house
The home that “The Late Late Show” host bought in 1997 for $569,000 is for sale for $1.74 million.

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